[XB1/PS4] Photographs black

by ra7orrat

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[XB1/PS4] Photographs black

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Product: The Sims 4
Platform:Microsoft XBOX One
Which language are you playing the game in? English
How often does the bug occur? Often (50% - 99%)
What is your current game version number? SP08:1.assets.live-sp08.67
What expansions, game packs, and stuff packs do you have installed? everything up to date, except bowling night.
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? I don't know.
What happens when the bug occurs? Afew days ago I noticed that all my "older" photographs are black, but (for now) the new ones I took show up correctly, also today I noticed at least 3 pets (of different households) are all pitch black (no furdetail/furcolor showing just black)
What do you expect to see? for photograps and pets to show up correctly
Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g. Custom Content or Mods? On console - never used.
Did this issue appear after a specific patch or change you made to your system? Neutral/Not Sure 

there's really nothing else to add.



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We would like to have two different threads for these issues as they are unrelated. I know they look 'similar' (black graphics), but the issues in the background are different.

Let's keep this topic for the photographs turning black only. Please, press 'Me too' in here if you are experiencing the same.

If your pets turned black, please, press 'Me too' and join the conversation here.]

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Re: [XB1] Photographs and animals black

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EA Sims Team

Hi there! Is the pics that are black in you inventory or when you put them on the wall? Are the animals downloaded from the Library? Could you provide some pictures and or a video of the issue?


Info below about how to send pictures. Thanks



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Re: [XB1] Photographs and animals black

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both, on the walls and in inventory, also the "newer" pictures have turned black now too.

No, I made the animals myself.

The link you provided is not working, the page says "you either have to log in or need permission to see this page"...umm, I am logged in so...


I hope this works..

this is how one of the cats looks now (the eyes are showing, they are just closed here)


and this is how it is supposed to look (weirdly enough, when I switched into paint mode it showed up correctly, but that's not working anymore either)


and the black photographs in inventory, they look the same on walls, old and new.


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Xbox one Sims 4 photos in inventory and wall turn black

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I'm playing Sims 4 on Xbox one and all the photos in my Sims inventory and wall have turned black. I was wondering if there is a way to fix it?

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Photos are turning black, help?

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I am a console player (PS4) and as of about 2-3 days ago all my photos on my sim's wall have gone black. These photos I have had for generations of my sim's family. Yesterday I tested some new photos and they were presenting fine in my sims inventory. So I took a bunch of pictures of her and her family and fiancee's family in their formal wear for her to have as wedding event photos. Today, now those have turned black.

I don't think this is related to the new patch as it happened prior to that. The only thing that has changed since the time period they were fine to the time period they turned black, was me logging out of game and back in at a later date. I have checked other households and the same has happened to their photos that are on walls and in inventory.


Thanks, Nik


(P.S. Attached photos are of new photos I just took and of the photos that are preexisting on and have been on my sim's wall for a long time.)

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Re: Photos are turning black, help?

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Is it the same bug as here? If it were old photos it could happen. Check if the same still happens with new photos.


You only have two options to repair the game on the console

1. Please try clearing your cache by power-cycling your console. You can turn your console off and then unplug it for 60 seconds. After that, you can plug it back in, turn it back on, and try to access the game again.
2. Reinstall the game.

I don't work for EA

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Re: Xbox one Sims 4 photos in inventory and wall turn black

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I am having this issue as well. I play on PS4.
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Re: Photos are turning black, help?

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Yes the same issue, only I am a PS4 player. As far as your suggestions, #1 I perform regular cache clearing of my PS4 weekly and sometimes even more often if situations like this occur (therefore I have tried this already) #2 I performed one time in the past and I lost ALOT of library build saves due to it nor did it fix the problem I was having at the time. So I am not sure I am willing to give that a shot at the moment.


Since my original post, I have taken a bunch of photos to test it. So far these photos are ok,.... so far. But more and more of my preexisting photos are turning black all throughout several different saves/games.


In addition to this, after the recent patch, now I have households with pets that are showing up solid black. 😠😠😠 (Pictures of this situation attached. The example is of a custom painted Siamese cat that should have black going up to the chest and belly on all 4 paws/legs. In every mode he shows up solid black. In paint mode he shows up as a basic game default paint.) Some of the pets that are showing up solid black are custom painted, some are not, so it has nothing to do with that.


I'm not a happy sim'er right now. Additionally, I have only been playing since mid-May 2019, so a little more then 3 months and I only played base pack for the first month or little more. I didn't buy the other packs until roughly the end of June 2019. So these photos that are going black are not any older then middle of May 2019. The pets are not any older then the end of June as that is when I purchased the pack. All items and pet sims have gone through several cache clearings as well have gone through a complete reinstall of the game.


Basically what I am saying is I am more "reporting" the issue. I am 99.9% sure it is NOT on my end. There is a bug that needs fixing.

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Re: Photos are turning black, help?

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Update: Even though I was pretty sure it would have no effect, I did solution #2. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled. Still, photos and pets are blackened out. Now in addition, the paintings that my sim has completed, has turned light brown and some of my build/buy decorative paints have changed to the default displayed type vs. the specific swatch that I picked.


I decided to treat the file as corrupted and start a whole new game. Same results with blackened photos & blackened pets. I've not tested paintings of any kind. During the new game I decided to use some builds I created that were in my library from when I only had base game & they have no paintings or photos in them, just a few plants and table/shelving clutter for decorating. I am getting a red pop up message that says "system error" & " blue print doesn't exist" (or "blueprint missing"), yet I saved the blueprint to my library AFTER reinstalling because I never had it saved before.


So I don't know what is happening here. But if totally uninstalling, reinstalling and then creating a brand new game is still resulting in the same issues, then I am at my wits end.

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Re: Photos are turning black, help?

EA app Team
Hi everyone,

I've merged a few threads together as you seem to be experiencing the same issue - thanks a lot for sharing all these details about what you are seeing, and for trying to troubleshoot the issue @Nikquin. It's really helpful, I'll forward the additional details to the team so they have as much information as possible.

@Nikquin, would it be possible for you to share screenshots or a video of the red pop up messages you mention?

Thanks again for your reports!
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