Re: World Cup Icons Cruyff

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Re: World Cup Icons Cruyff

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Currently under investigation. Accepting as solution for visibility purposes only.



Hey there,


It seems to be a more complicated issue that currently cannot be resolved. Usually those are not too complicated things, but it appears that this time it is a more significant problem than initially thought. I also don't have all information, but it is definitive something the team is looking into and is being worked on.


We don't have any ETA on a potential fix for now, sorry.



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Re: World Cup Icons Cruyff

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Wow what is this, a official EA reaction

Thanks for that, this was pretty much all we needed to hear for the last 5 weeks

Lets hope they find a fix soon, and maybe start thinking about compensating does that are infected for over a month now

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Re: World Cup Icons Cruyff

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Hey rephii and thanks for your reply - I have to say the situation is truly far from ideal, especially for us players that have to play with cards that are not as good as they should be (R9, Zidane, Cruyff) or literally just broken (Drogba, Cech).
I am not a fan of over-compensating every little mistake in the game, but wouldn‘t it be only fair to give us cards that are the next better or at least similar, fine working version of our broken cards (in this case the Prime-/Mid-Version)? You at EA need to understand that this is a limited time game and every day the cards stay the same, they get more and more irrelevant. We already waited 5 weeks for this statement and we need to get working cards asap. If you are interested in a good customer journey, you should please consider giving out working cards or replacing the current ones as some kind of a „hotfix“.

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Re: World Cup Icons Cruyff

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Hello Rephii,


thanks for your reply, now we finally know whats going on.

Given the fact that the problem has not  been resolved up until now, we would welcome that impacted players receive a compensation.

Lets be honest, this is a limited time game. Every day we lose hurts, especially when, for instance, you pull a huge Icon like WC Zidane or R9 etc. (Zidane in my case) and new, more powerful cards are coming.


That being said, hope you guys can consider a compensation for impacted players.



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Re: World Cup Icons Cruyff

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Totally agree here, everytime I play with Mr. Schweinsteiger I think I am playing with Weghorst - terrible, very very terrible. But at least someone from EA finally replied, so let's hope they keep up the momentum and provide further updates on this issue.

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Re: World Cup Icons Cruyff

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Thank you for (eventually) providing an official acknowledgement of this problem. 
Surely, though, the answer is obvious? 
Would it not be quicker for the Dev Team to create ‘new’ (correct) versions of all affected WC Icons, and then provide affected players who packed the wrong versions with the corrected versions?

The power curve is moving rapidly, and it is immoral and indefensible that these valuable in-game items (whose performance is clearly compromised, and not ‘as advertised’) have not already been fixed or replaced - and even worse that there has been a total lack of in-game acknowledgement (or acknowledgement on the official EA Twitter channels) of this issue, and how affected players will be compensated. 
Anyway, please do keep us updated as much as possible from now onwards. 
Thank you. 

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Re: World Cup Icons Cruyff

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Well said and totally agreed mate.

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Re: World Cup Icons Cruyff

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This is unacceptable, at least compensate the players who are affected by this BUG with a proper icon, it is just ridiculous, I grinded 35 tokens and I got Zidane and he feels in game like a bronze player, and someone who plays with base or mid version has a better card than me.

Also we receive a communication after more than a month and you do not give us anything.

EA cares about their players or not, because it does not seem to be the case.

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Re: World Cup Icons Cruyff

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Thanks for the reply.


As others have mentioned, this is a time sensitive issue where not having a fix with each passing day potentially depreciates the value of the affected items. 

I’ve just spend half a million coins on Stoichkov and he looks like a generic player. 

If this doesn’t get fixed one way or the other, I’ll be looking a refund from PSN citing this issue. I’d advise anyone affected to consider doing the same thing. The only way these people listen is when we vote with our wallets.


Unacceptable situation after 6 weeks of no communication. 

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Re: World Cup Icons Cruyff

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Thanks for letting us know. 


At least we have a reply from someone who can relay this to the dev team because it's extremely irritating when you look at the World Cup Icons team how few of them actually have their correct icon faces and custom body types. The fact that Van Persie, Viera, Roberto Carlos, Puyol, just to name what little we have, came with their correct faces and models shows how little thought was put into quality testing the icons in game. I've had this generic Schweinsteiger for the past 6 weeks, did him day 1 when he came out, and it hurts seeing a legend of the game be disrespected and look like a pro club player when his other versions are perfectly fine. If the dev team is able to give Rafa Leao, Calabria, Nunez, Gabriel and more new face scans and just patch them in so easily then they can do the same for legends of the game. The fact that Pele, 3x World Cup winner and GOAT Pele, is a pro clubs player is a disgrace. 

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