Welcome to the STAR WARS™: Galaxy of Heroes Bug Report Board on Answers HQ!

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Welcome to the STAR WARS™: Galaxy of Heroes Bug Report Board on Answers HQ!

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Hello Holotable Heroes!


Welcome to the Bug Report section of Answers HQ! Let us explain how this section is working. Please review the known issues list and the search function of the board before submitting a new bug if you experience an issue while playing. This can save you and us time.


Here are some examples and suggestions for what to do if you run across a problem while playing the game:


  • Please go to our Basic Troubleshooting Guide if your game crashes, your ability buttons stop working, or you are experiencing connection problems.
  • Please contact EA Help customer support if you have any issues with missing rewards, purchases, or any other missing content.
  • You are encouraged to submit a new report if you encounter a bug while playing, including text or visuals, ability functionality, character or ship issues, etc.

What happens next? Our team will investigate your report and respond with a result. If the report is valid, we will flag it as a new issue and inform the game developers. We could also ask for more details to reproduce your issue.
PLEASE NOTE: Several reports may be closed because they couldn't be reproduced. There are various reasons why this might occur. This doesn’t mean your report was invalid, it simply means we couldn’t reproduce it reliably.


Once your report is flagged, we will close your thread/report with an accepted solution. This does not mean your issue is already resolved, it simply means that your issue was reported to the Dev team and is under further investigation. Various known issues will be available on our Trello Board (the list is not complete!). Once an issue is fixed, it will be listed as a fixed bug in the "Game Updates" section of the official forum and will be moved to the “Recently Resolved” section of the Trello board.




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