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[WORKAROUND] Open staircase cause routing failures

by maysbat

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Re: [WORKAROUND] Open staircase cause routing failures

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@maysbat I just discovered this bug a few days ago when downloading an gallery build for my Community Lot space in one of my play throughs. The building had the big open ceiling next to the stairs but my Sims or townies couldn’t go up. I tried everything thinking something was blocking the route. Eventually I had to delete the open ceiling space and make it the “normal” ceiling space for the stairs and they were finally able to go up. Yes, it looks nice but I just wanted the stairs to work so I just made it the regular 3(4)? block opening so my Sims could at least use the stairs. Frown It was downloaded on the gallery, haven’t tried making a home from scratch and seeing if the issue happens there too or if it’s just gallery builds that does it.
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Re: [WORKAROUND] Open staircase cause routing failures

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@Ababe0207 Nope. It happens in all homes/builds, even the EA/Maxis ones that are already in the worlds, which is funny when you realize they broke their own stuff.

I've resorted to rebuilding stuff with the stair workaround, changing floor plans, adding ceilings, walls, etc., to get my houses to work and still look right, and then re-uploading fixed ones to gallery. Some of them don't need fix because stairwell doesn't have full enclosure, so that's a blessing.

For some bizarre reason my Ophelia Villa Garden District house (a remake of an actual Garden District Mansion) didn't need fix and don't know why.
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Re: [WORKAROUND] Open staircase cause routing failures

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@stjmk It may depend if the room without the floor above the stairs counts as inside or outside. Because according to the workarounds if you delete the "room" (the lighting will then look different and if the sims could stand on the missing floor they're probably be cold) then the stairs are usable.
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Re: Open staircase doesn't work

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I deleted the stairs, rails and it added back the floor.  Then I added the stairs and rails and deleted the open area again and it works again.  A pain, especially if you have to do it in every home, but it works til they fix it

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Re: [WORKAROUND] Open staircase cause routing failures

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I discovered this problem two days ago. My sims who are in a house without CC could not use the stairs. I went to a few other houses and the same thing. The format of the stairs didn't matter. None had an open floor at the top (like a loft-style build). I decided to play my no-cheat save and disabled all CC and Mods in my game with testing cheats off and they work fine in this save. Obviously, this can be related to a mod but for those who don't use them, is having testingcheats and moveobjects on a possible cause?

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Re: [WORKAROUND] Open staircase cause routing failures

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@IngeJonesMaybe. But in some of mine just adding ceiling over missing ceiling wasn't enough because the "open to below" area of stairs connected to an exterior wall. The workaround caused the game to consider that wall to be not part of a "room" (why is it that in my head I always hear that in an Inspector Clouseau voice?), hence exterior lighting.

In some of my builds, adding the ceiling back above stair well wasn't enough. I've had to go to the ground floor and monkey around with the walls and ceilings there to get the light right on second floor.

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Re: [WORKAROUND] Open staircase cause routing failures

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@whubble1817 That's interesting. It sounds like having mods and testing cheats on generalized the stair problem beyond the "open to below' area stairs for you.

I do play with moveobjects on, generally, but I think the "open to below" stair well "room" affects people who don't as well, and it seems to stem from the 11/10 patch.
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Re: [WORKAROUND] Open staircase cause routing failures

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Yes I've just noticed that it's happened in the EA/Maxis builds too I was testing something else in the Ward Manor and found out that I couldn't go upstairs!  Then came on here for a reason why!  So, ME TOO.

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Re: [WORKAROUND] Open staircase cause routing failures

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I can't believe they haven't fixed this bug yet. It's making playing my main save unbearable. I started a new save just so I could play a broke sim in a house with no stairs and avoid the annoyance. Even so, half my community lots won't work unless I purposely disfigure the builds with ugly workarounds. I've also spent more time building, but I hesitate to upload some of my new lots to the gallery knowing that most people won't be able to use the stairs. You would think a bug this impactful would get top priority and at least a hotfix.

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Re: Sim can't walk upstairs after latest patch - 11/10/2020

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I have had this problem in the Ward Den also, Maxis built-in, game no custom anything, on Xbox.


I have several homes that I have downloaded from the gallery and had no prior issues, now have issues with stairs. 


I downloaded a house last night from the gallery and played a couple hours with no issue. Then after returning from traveling, my Sim all of a sudden could not use the stairs anymore. This is my first instance of this occurring while I'm playing and not after update. Nothing was changed, just left the lot and came back to a night on the couch.

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