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Re: Sim Doesn't Change Clothes

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Hi, did you have a chance to test my sim?

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Re: Sim Doesn't Change Clothes

Is this a sim you created yourself from scratch in CAS? Or is this a townie the game created that you moved in and started playing?
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Re: Sim Doesn't Change Clothes

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I did, sorry. I must have forgotten to post :P

Anyways, we had this case before, the nude outfit appears to be broken. I don't know what's causing it but it's possibly cc related. I merged your post with the other one.

As for the other outfit changes: Do you mean manually or automatically ? Cause I have no issues changing it manually.

Good Luck


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Re: Sim Doesn't Change Clothes

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I was just curious if these sims were townies that were moved in to the family. The only instance I’ve seen in my game for sims not changing clothes is when you are dealing with an unused criminal generated by the detective career.

They don’t change clothes automatically, and will shower, sleep or swim in their everyday wear. Exceptions are retail or restaurant employee uniform changes and Seasons hot and cold outfits.

I’ve never moved one in to make them playable, so I don’t know if you can manually direct them to change clothes though. They also meant to be unable to be killed and have aging suspended, but I don’t know if they keep those if made playable?

But I do know I had one of them get chosen to become one of my gym trainers, like the person in the original report. He’d work out in his everyday clothes, which is how I discovered this.

Can’t say for certain if that’s the same issue you are seeing, but a lot of the symptoms look like it. You’d know for sure if you had the Sim Info mod and could check for the hidden “Criminal” trait. I used the remove trait cheat to “fix” them and behave as regular sims do



EDIT (crin)


Adding workaround


To remove the trait, you need to use cheats


Open the cheat console and type


  • testingcheats true
  • traits.remove_trait DetectiveCareer_Criminal

If this doesn't work, please comment. Other traits might cause this.

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Re: Sim Doesn't Change Clothes

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It's a sim from the gallery that I uploaded into CAS, modified him to my liking, then put him into the game.

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Re: Sim Doesn't Change Clothes

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I ran it without CC and he still didn't shower or change clothes properly. As for the other outfit changes, I mean automatically. He doesn't change when he goes to the gym, goes to bed, showers etc.

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