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Victory registered as Defeat

by babagnish

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Re: Victory registered as Defeat

EA Live QV Team

Hi all and thank you for your patience.


We think we were able to narrow those down and deployed a server fix last night. It should be much better now and occur way less. Let us know if you still experience that type of issue.

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Re: Victory registered as Defeat

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★★★★ Newbie

I have won all my matches, not one loss yet, however my match history shows 6 defeats....  When you look at the replay of the game it is very clear, that it is a victory...


This is either a cheat or a bug.


I was actually considering spending money on the game, I am glad I didn't .


EA you need to fix this, we playing the game and want to advance, however whenever our victory is registered as a defeat, you have wasted our time.


The review of the game depends on the reaction we get from EA, on this issue.

that being said I am actually enjoying the game, it is lot of fun


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Re: Victory registered as Defeat

EA Live QV Team

Hi @Cyrus_Magna,


Looks like your internet connection or your device isn't working properly since all the images and a lot of letters are missing.


According to our logs, you've lost against RicocoHD, so the replay seems to be correct.

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Re: Victory registered as Defeat

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★★★★ Newbie

Well I did not lose my internet connection is not a problem..... The replay say victory, you log says defeat, how does that compute?


And the letters missing is an issue with the screen, it really shouldn't influence your logs nor the game.


So some thing is wrong with your logs and the system... 


I am saying 6 victories are shown as defeats.... I really don't care... however you can take the feedback and do some thing about, or you can just place the fault withe user or user device.


Anyway, do not try to * me, I am a software enigener and I actually know how systems work.


I can see I  am not the only one having this issue. 


Anyway It seems I will not making any in game purchases, as I do not wish to waste my money on a bug, which you will not acknowledge. 


Thanks for not trying to solve the issue, but trying to place blame...


Very professional!

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Re: Victory registered as Defeat

★★★★ Novice


I just had the same issue in three of my games. I won the games, the results showed a "Victory" but gave me negative points.


It happened at both GDI and NOD games. I won other games when this error did not occur. I noticed that only the cases when I used my troops/vehicles to reduce/destroy enemy bases and eventually won the game, I was given negative points. It might be a coincidence, but maybe worth to check. You can check the game time at the screen shot taken.


Time line: Portugal (GMT +0)


Game nick: black_kite

PersonaID: 1004197552515

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Re: Victory registered as Defeat

★★★★ Newbie

Happened to me just now.

Persona ID: 1003557163420

14 minutes ago

vs pullus


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Re: Victory registered as Defeat

★★★★ Newbie

Just saw this as well!

PersonaId: 1004225358463


47 mins ago against Matze


59 mins ago against egorka.minsk


Not sure about the repro steps. It's possible the game hitched for a while before showing me the Victory screen in these scenarios.


I truly hope the error will be corrected as I'm not investing time and money into the game to have my score/win streaks affected by nonsense!

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Re: Victory registered as Defeat

★★★★ Newbie


 I've been getting this error all the time and I've been able to capture detailed video

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Re: Victory registered as Defeat

EA Live QV Team

Hi @wamusaa,


I've checked this particular match and it was out of sync, resulting in the mismatch. Can you switch to a different connection, to see if that improves your gameplay?

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Re: Victory registered as Defeat

★★★ Newbie

This just happened to me too.


My PersonaID: 1003655232810

Opponent: gatorsjbk


Watching replay says victory, match history says defeat. 

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