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Unable to use ulocked units

by jimmyhalve

Original Post

Unable to use ulocked units

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Product: Command & Conquer: Rivals
Platform:Android Phone
List the specific devices you play with (e.g. iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7) Galaxy S9plus
OS Version Android pie
What is your Player ID? Jimmyhalve
What type of issue do you have? Missing Rewards
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Summarize your bug I have crossed level 60 for more than 2 weeks now but still i cannot use avatar eventhough the unit is ulocked for me. Neither can i clone the card. Why I cannot clone the card? Do players need to report for their unlocked units to use? This has happened the second time.
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? I dont know its your algorithm.
Connection Type Mobile
Please select your region Asia
Country India

Looks like each time i unlock a unit I have to report it to you guys the only I get a card and the i can clone it further. Isnt it obvious that if you reach a level and have unlocked a unit then the player should alsonhave the ability to use it. What does it mean if you are not able to use a unlocked unit?

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Re: Unable to use ulocked units

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This is not a bug. „Unlocked“ means that you can now get the unit from crates or the store. So if you reach the level where you unlock avatars, you can get cards for it. Once you get at least 1 card, the unit truely unlocks and you can use it. So now what you have to do is hope that you get a card from crates or that the card appears in the store one day.

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Re: Unable to use ulocked units

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How long do you think it should take? Its been more than two weeks since I have unlocked this unit probably a month now.
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Re: Unable to use ulocked units

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Also why can I not clone it if it is not getting through store or crates? I dont even get the option to buy it from stores.
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Re: Unable to use ulocked units

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If you keep opening your crates daily and do the events to get crates, it shouldn‘t take that long. If you are lucky the next crate you open contains one, if you are not lucky it may take some time.


The store always has 6 random units in it, including unlocked but unowned ones. It is possible to get cards for a unit which you have unlocked, but don‘t have any cards yet. I‘ve „truely“ unlocked multiple units using the store. The store resets each day, so pay a short visit to it daily. 1600 credits for 1 epic card is a bit expensive, but then you can use the unit as soon as you buy it. After that you can also clone the unit.


Lets do the math:

There are a total of 23 epic units ( I counted xd ). A rare crate (the gold one) always has 1 epic in it. You can get a rare crate daily by doing your bounties. Common crates have a small chance to give an epic card and epic crates have about 10 epic cards for 1-2 epic units. Lets round everything up and say that you get epic cards for a random epic unit twice per day. That means devide 23 by 2 and we get roughly 12. In addition to that, each day the store offers an epic card for an epic Nod unit. There are 12 epic Nod units, so we can cut the grind time in half. What we have left is about 6 days.


So assuming you open crates, do bounties and visit the shop daily, it should take a week. Of course this is just estimated time, it can also be less or more. It took you less? Lucky. Took you more? Unlucky.

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Re: Unable to use ulocked units

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@xMaksuss wrote:


So assuming you open crates, do bounties and visit the shop daily, it should take a week.

Sir, your math is off. And math which is off must never be accepted. 😎


Chance of getting a specific Epic that you want, single try: 1/23 ≈ 4,3%
Chance of not getting the Epic that you want, single try: 22/23 ≈ 95,7%


Chance of not getting specific Epic for 1 day (with 2 Epics/day): (22/23)^2 ≈ 91,5%


Chance of not getting the Epic for 1 week: (22/23)^2 ^7 ≈ (22/23)^14 ≈ 53,7%
Chance of not getting the Epic for 2 weeks: (22/23)^2 ^14 ≈ (22/23)^28 ≈ 28,8%
Chance of not getting the Epic for 3 weeks: (22/23)^2 ^21 ≈ (22/23)^42 ≈ 15,5%
Chance of not getting the Epic for 4 weeks: (22/23)^2 ^28 ≈ (22/23)^56 ≈ 8,3%


I knew that these statistics classes at university would pay off one day! 😜

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Re: Unable to use ulocked units

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@Mister_Crac You forgot to include the one epic Nod-card in your calculation, so yours is only correct if you get the 2 epic cards per day. And if you ignore the store you had the chance of 91,5% of not getting the card after 1 day, so thats 8,5% chance that you get the card. Now devide 100 by 8,5 and we get 11,76, this is roughly 12. So my math was correct, I stated that you need 12 days without the store. I see that you can calculate the odds, so you should redo it with the xtra Nodcard in the store.


I had statisitcs in school about 4 years ago. I loved it, but I forgot most of it already. I can't remember how to calculate odds correctly anymore sadly. But it seems that you can, but you ignored the extra Nodcard in the store, so here is your task:


23 total epic cards, you get 2 epic cards for units per day, the unit can be the same. Additionaly, you get 1 epic Nodcard, not additional one, but a card for Nod. Nod has 12 epic units in total. So what are the odds of receiving the Nodcard you want after 1 week?

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Re: Unable to use ulocked units

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I play the game everyday but not just whole day so obviously I do not get all crates. Also I have got full reset twice which gives you many crates after crossing level 60. So statistics or not the algorithm needs to be corrected to give the players who have unlocked the units at least a single card so at least they can clone it in the clone lab. And I have never received a Avatar card in my Store also. So I cannot even purchase it. I check those everyday. So again an algorithm miss. So this is definitely a bug. You should not be waiting on luck for almost a month to get a unlock unit card. I am not saying a lot but just one card at least should be provided for players to proceed further. Either through the store or through crates.
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