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Re: Unable to revive teammates

by jeffol

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Re: Unable to revive teammates

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This bug is rarity for me. Happened one time during a Legendary Contract for Yarrow. Just happened again today around 8:30 am (PST).


Occured after a squad wipe against the Swarm Tyrant in the Tyrant Mine Stronghold at Grandmaster 2 difficulty on Xbox One S. The rest of my squad went down a second time and when I went over to revive them there was no button prompt.


When this occurs I usually just wait for them to respawn and if they go down again it fixes it self. No video footage this time around as I wasn't recording.

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Re: Unable to revive teammates

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I'm on PC and this happens frequently for me too Frown

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Re: Unable to revive teammates

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same here every now and then on ps4, dying and respawning seems to fix it most of the time tho

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