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[UNSURE] Plants change quality on their own (evolve on their own ?)

by Avenagaliene

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Re: Plant Evolution Problems

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@crinrict I've had a combination of the plants returning to soil and the "seed", while being a bush and now randomly degrading.  I'm testing as much as I can and have moved to a family on Normal in Newcrest to see what I can find out.  

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Re: Plants evolving by themselves

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I did some investigation.


Lots where this is happening:


1. Port Promise, Canal Corner. Traits: Reduce and Recycle, Geothermal, Natural well. Soybeans planted in vertical planters evolve by themselves. Avocado and begonias harvested from Perfect plants de-evolve by themselves.

2. Willow Creek, what used to be Willow Creek Park (I replaced the lot). Still a park. Lot traits: Sunny aspect, child's play, great soil. Perfect plants negatively evolving (they have gone from Magnificent to Nice). Existing fruit is Perfect quality; new fruit is Nice quality. Normal plants look like they are evolving normally (I forgot to actually try and evolve them).


Both these lots have a beehive.


Lots where this is NOT happening:


1. Sulani, Key Point. Traits: Oceanic paradise, Off the grid, party place. I pulled this one up just to try it, tried saving, advancing time past 6 AM. Then planting something, advancing past 6 AM again. Was able to manually evolve a coconut tree (like normal).

2. San Myshuno, 930 Medina studios. Traits: Gnomes, penny pixies. I thought I was having the de-evolving issue here, but when I went back and checked, this doesn't appear to be the case.


Neither of these lots has a beehive.


@Avenagaliene does your lot have a beehive?


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Re: Plants evolving by themselves

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@Ysenne How interesting! The one lot where I have this happening so far is Key Point in Sulani. Prior to Eco Lifestyle, a couple of the plants had evolved normally to Nice quality. Yesterday they all evolved on their own to Magnificent or Perfect. It caught me by surprise. There's no beehive on the lot but the Eco footprint is fully in the green.

At another lot in Willow Creek, the former Garden Essence lot, I had manually evolved many of the plants to Excellent or Magnificent before Eco Lifestyle. There's a beehive on that lot too. I don't seem to be having the strange self-evolve issue on those plants, but the Eco footprint is at Neutral.
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Re: Plants evolving by themselves

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@Ysenne My lot does not have a Beehive.  

1.  I tried playing without Geothermal and Natural Well... A lot without traits and the plants still evolved at Rockspring.  

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Plant Quality decresing Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle

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Not sure if anyone else has had this issue but my plants quality keep dropping every day.  Is this suppose to be a new feature with eco lifestyle regarding the eco footprint?  If so I am green and it is still decreasing.  If it is a bug, it is an incredibly frustrating one.  I was excited to start a rags to riches with gardening and selling juice as a big focus of my gameplay.  In general I use the gardening feature alot so it's very frustrating to work towards a perfect plant just for it to start decreasing.  I even had to start cheating the quality up but it still decreases.  It decreases every sim day.


My game is updated, I've repaired it several times, and I've completely removed my mods folder and still have this issue

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All of my harvestables have reset

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Every last one of my plants have reset as if I just planted them. My beehive keeps going from full to empty and my meat rack keeps reverting back to it's initial form. The quality of all of my harvestables have reverted back to normal quality and it happens ever time I save my game. It started after the install of the patch that was released prior to Eco Living. I do not play with mods or custom content installed in my game. This is a very frustrating issue.

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Re: [UNSURE] Plants change quality on their own (evolve on their own ?)

@Tokamie  I've merged your post into the bug report for this issue, which seems to be that plants can change quality in either direction.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: [UNSURE] Plants change quality on their own (evolve on their own ?)

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I have this in my game as well that plants are evolving/improving quality without user input.


1. I do have a beehive and it's near the plants in question

2. My neighborhood has a Green eco footprint

3. The lot has the Great Soil lot trait


I can't remember if the Great Soil lot trait causes this or not, but I'm thinking it just causes plants to improve faster - not sure though. My best guess is that it's the Green eco footprint.

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Re: [UNSURE] Plants change quality on their own (evolve on their own ?)

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Alright... so upon looking at some of the newer post(s)... I have the following new information and it has been updated into the beginning post.


Possible Bug Triggered by the Following Event(s)


  • The following items have been reported to possibly impact the quality and ability to evolve plants:  Beehive and/or Insect Nests.
  • Lot Trait(s):  Reduce and Recycle, Geothermal, Natural Well, Great Soil
  • Community Foot Print:  Green or Neutral
  • Known Lot(s):  Port Promise [ECO], Willow Creek Park [BASE], Rocksprings Quarry [ECO], Key Point [Sulani]

I personally have been doing a rags to riches challenge as a test marker for what might be triggering the bug and so far, I do not have any of the factors listed above and I have not had the evolution bug.  Although, I do have a few bugs at the moment related to plants.  It seems that on its own, Great Soil, is not a factor into the evolution bug.

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Plants reducing in quality when eco footprint goes from green to neutral

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I planted some perfect plants at the start of my game (saved in the gallery from before) in Port Promise, which went green very quickly and fell back to neutral again (but that's another story). While I did get perfect fruits and flowers growing, the plants themselves went back to nice quality. Previously, I noticed that some normal plants I got went quickly up in quality as well (normal to magnificent in a day) as the eco footprint went green, and then back to normal again when it went back to neutral. What's happening here?

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