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Re: Trouble upgrading attack

by skarvolle

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Trouble upgrading attack

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On Star Wars, Galaxy of heroes... upgrading the character's attack and abilities is not working for me even though I have enough of the cantina items required.
Just to give an example of what I am talking about:
my character level is 63
Count Doku is level 63 his force lightning is level 5 and to get it to level 6 requires 8 green items and 7 blue items from cantina. I have 190 green items and 41 blue things yet I cannot upgrade even tho i have the 15,100 to do so.

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Re: Trouble upgrading attack

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I have the exakt same problem with several of my characters. E.g Boba Fett and Jedi Consular are way over required lever and I have enaugh credits and green and blue gems or Stones or wathever it is. Yet the Button is unlighted and not possible tog push and Therese is no explaining text or anything else that make any sense. This is very disturbing. Please fix it!
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Re: Trouble upgrading attack

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Scroll down. There are purple ability mats too which you probably don't have enough of
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