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Territory War registration dissapears

by ZeroFields

Original Post

Re: Territory War registration dissapears

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@GladOS-013 wrote:

2. ...  If they "didn't believe you" they would have told you it's not a problem, you're wrong, it's working as intended.  They haven't said that,...

3.  I don't know what you're saying here.  This player didn't go to the live chat, there was no script.   

4.  As a scientist, I stand by my hypothesis which is currently supported by the only available data I have access to.  Right or wrong, assessing each data point and comparing it to the current hypotheses (mine and yours) is helpful, because each point will bring us closer to the truth.  

5.  I was not lumping myself in the category  

2) If they tell me that the server shows I didn't sign up, and that's the end of the story, then they don't believe me. Heck, if they don't even go that far, don't even bother to look at the server logs to see if I signed up or not, that says they don't believe me & don't care.


3) My personal experience.


4) As a scientist, you're building a strawman...misrepresenting my experience to make it seem as if there isn't a problem.  As such, you're shifting the burden of proof 


5) Hahaha! 

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Re: Territory War registration dissapears

EA Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Team
This discussion is taking a wrong turn and the purpose of this section of the forum is to report and investigate bugs and issues.
@GladOS-013 was correct in all of his statements.

We do believe there is an issue. We see loads of players reporting issues with TW. Because we believe, we investigate. While our logs might show us one thing, it doesn't mean that's the end of story.
We want and need more details, we are looking into it and letting you know what might help.
We are not asking for screenshots because we don't believe, we are asking for screenshots because it's the only thing we can think of at the moment.

Please do not continue a pointless argument as it doesn't benefit anyone.
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Re: Territory War registration dissapears

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So basically that says, report a bug and wait?  Whilst we lose rewards that even losers get for doing the same thing we did? Just signing up?  Sad......can i have 5000 i have spent on this game back please and i will go away.

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Re: Territory War registration dissapears

EA Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Team
@sdmeredith2002 Please don't rephrase what we said.
Players report a bug and we investigate. We cannot give any estimate of how long it will take us. We sometimes ask for additional information which is the case with this issue.

What we don't do:
- We don't compensate players (that's handled by our Customer Support team)
- We don't decide which bug gets fixed and which doesn't
- We don't prioritize bugs, we can only add additional context and information in regards to the impact of an issue to help the dev team decide what gets prioritized

Hope this helps.
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Re: Territory War registration dissapears

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@EA_MindTricks wrote:
Please do not continue a pointless argument as it doesn't benefit anyone.

Again, a statement I agree with 1,001%


Question though (for EA/CG devs only, please); If you actually believe that there's an issue, how will a screenshot help anything?  

I mean, seriously, no sarcasm....all a screenshot will do is prove that there is a problem.  If you already believe there's a problem.....then what are we accomplishing?  I don't want to be pedantic, but I'm baffled at how this will help anything, and hoping that there's a logical answer I'm just missing.


So when you review the server logs against my specific occurence of the issue, does the server-side show that I signed up for the current TW on 17 Sept? 

- If so, at what point was I logged as leaving the event?

- If not, why did my client-side give me every indication that I was joined, and why didn't it sync to the server?

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Re: Territory War registration dissapears

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June.....June was when ot was first reported here....betting it was sooner in reported bugs. I will wait an see what ny reward is for being cheated out of them and report back. I will take my pointless conversation elsewhere.

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Re: Territory War registration dissapears

One of my current theories that would mesh with what WotY_72 is seeing, and still result in server logs that show no registration is this:

A player clicks join, and their client adds them to the list of registered players, but that signal isn't sent to the server.

If this situation is occurring, then the player could back out of the registration screen, and re-joining it should query the current registration list from the server. The server should send the current list, and that player would be absent (if their information was not actually sent to the server). The player could then try to "join" again.

A screenshot of a player showing that they were registered in a particular war, and then with server logs showing that they never registered - would go a long way towards confirming this particular theory.

I highly recommend that everyone engaged in this thread pay special attention to your guild's registration in the upcoming war (registration starts 9/21). Convince everyone in your guild to register. Periodically check and tell everyone that isn't registered to do so. If they "thought" they did already, send them here to report, and have them re-register. Repeat until everyone's guild is 100% confirmed registered (e.g. 50/50 players). Take a screenshot a few minutes before the join phase ends, and then see what the number of members is when the phase changes.

I'm already doing this for my guild, trying to see if I can find the problem occurring on my side. Everyone else please help, so we can get more occurrences to MindTricks!
I am a volunteer on this forum, and not an employee of EA or CG. Please let me know how I can help you!
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Re: Territory War registration dissapears

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I didnt join TW because I didnt know there was one going on until someone posted in discord whom our opponent was. I dont recall seeing the TW join phase has started in the in game guild chat nor do recall seeing the icons last night when i entered the raid. I definitely didnt see the small icon on the RS of the screen this morning. The only icon there was the Tarkin event. I dont know if you can see the event if you didnt/couldnt join but there is absolutely nothing there now.


I play on an Apple I-phone was using ios 12.0 (i just updated to 12.0.1)


I am super bummed/pissed about this. 


Please check into this for me.


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Re: Territory War registration dissapears

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Several people in my guild had it today. As a result, we are missing quite a lot of people for this one...

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