Temporary Issue - EA app game library is empty - Fixed, 11 Jan. '23

by Taoffy

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Re: All my library is missing

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@leiascully42 That is horrible this needs to go too the gaming media
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Re: My EA app game library is empty

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@EA_Mako tried clearing cache, & this issue that is similar has appeared again.
when trying to access game info from library, it says "something went wrong" & 500 appears in a picture in background
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Re: My EA app game library is empty

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@blitzFrequency same thing, such a big company cant make a simple launcher. Shame
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Re: My EA app game library is empty

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Ditto - went to play a game I have owned for a decade (and that was installed on my computer yesterday) and its all gone...sure hope my saves/local files are intact when all this is sorted.


Would really love a solution and access to the games I paid you money for...

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Re: My EA app game library is empty

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Same issue for me, forced to swap on EA App 2 days ago.

Yesterday could only log in if I uncheck the "keep me logged in" box, but after that Sims 4 worked and seemed fine.


But today I get the 500 Something went wrong...., The server encountered a mysterious error. Try again in a little bit.


My library is empty, and cannot use or reinstall anything from the "my games" or the browse games menu, all giving the same error.


Im waiting more than a little bit already.... (nonsense error message), and I need solution for this issue.

If it worked yesterday, dont think the issue is on my side, rather on the company's end.


Already read many ppl reporting the same issue, and no repairing or clearing or any "mysterious" solutions seems working, so I dont even want to bother with anything like this. I want to use the games I paid for.


Please, fix this application, or disable and let us return to Origin without any complicated workarounds, until you can give us a working EA App.

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Re: All my library is missing

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I do so and nothing works!

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Re: All my library is missing

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Hi everyone,


Since this thread was about a temporary issue, which was quickly fixed, we're closing it.


If you are still experiencing this problem, we recommend that you create a new thread, as the cause is most likely unrelated to what this thread was about. 


Thank you.


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