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Re: Can't access my game - says my collection is empty

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@XELE87 same exact issue today
Older replies in this thread just say to reinstall Origin, but that is no longer an option because EA is forcing this * app down our throats. WTF.
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Re: Things are taking a little longer than usual to load up. Hang tight while we

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I am having this problem right now aswell. Have you found any fix?

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Re: All my library is missing

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Edit: We have been notified by the EA app teams that this issue has been resolved. However, your EA app should be up to date to see if the issue has been resolved for you as well.


Please check if your EA app is up to date. You can do so by clicking the hamburger menu in the top-left corner of the EA app, followed by clicking on 'About'.


If the EA app shows "20450-c8dab35e4a" at the end, you should be okay. Anything lower than 20450 is an older version of the EA app.




If you see a lower number at the end, please run the 'EA Updater' that should also be installed on your PC (comes with the installation of the EA app).


If you are still experiencing this issue, please perform an EA app App Recovery (clear cache) and check if your games appear again.


Please let us know if you're still experiencing the issue.



We have received a number of reports from players still encountering this, and we're taking another look! Thanks for the additional information everyone.


If you are still experiencing the issue of an empty My Collection screen in the EA app, please generate an EA app Error Reporter ID and share the Error ID with us here in the thread.


If you're also able to provide the date/time when you first noticed the issue and the timezone/region you are located in, it will be extremely helpful as we continue investigating, thank you!



Hey folks,


Thanks again for the patience while this was being investigated.


We're seeing this should be recovering for those affected, so please try restarting the EA app to see if your library is back to normal.


If you're still noticing an issue with this, it may help to go through these steps to clear the cache files after the fixes that have been implemented.

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Re: Purchased game/DLC available on Origin but not the EA app

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All of my owned games (non xbox gamepass) are missing the EA app entirely. No Blanks, no tiles, no information.

I did check origin and everything is present, so this looks like it's related to the issue in question.

Put a screenshot of my origin versus my EA app.


Country is USA

Games were purchased via origin app originally and then moved to EA once it became available.

EA app doesn't even show that I own them. It's telling me to buy them again.


This was running and functioning normally 2 days ago. 

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Re: No more game library?

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@Clintlikespants ye, all gone WTF
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Re: No more game library?

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Re: Ea play games collection is empty

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I cant play, no answer for EA yet?


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Re: EA Account Showing No Games

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I don't see any games on my collection. i have some paid games and some EA Play games that are from XBox Game Pass, but nothing is showing up. It's completely blank. For example, i search for MA: Andromeda, it says "Buy the Game". What is happening??

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Re: Purchased game/DLC available on Origin but not the EA app

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My entire collection (i.e. all games) is missing in the EA App. I bought everything via Origin (country = South Africa), and still played Battlefield 2042 successfully on 9 January 2023. I can't provide any screenshots due to the fact that, as per my aforementioned comment, everything is missing.


I've cleared the app's cache, restarted my PC and started the app as an administrator - nothing works.

I've always supported EA regardless of all the flack, but this is absolutely prepostorous.

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Re: Purchased game/DLC available on Origin but not the EA app

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Same here Frown
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