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Re: TFP not critically hitting HMF 99% of the time.

by Xhedao

Original Post

TFP not critically hitting HMF 99% of the time.

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Product: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
Platform:Android Phone
What type of device are you experiencing the issue with? LG G2
OS Version 5.0.2
Ally Code: (Find it here: ) 114-599-731
What type of issue do you have? Gameplay
How often does the bug occur? Often (50% - 99%)
Summarize your bug TFP not critically hitting HMF 99% of the time.
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Play with maxed TFP against maxed HMF.
Connection Type Wifi
Please select your region Europe
Country Bulgaria

TFP pilot is 7*, has its abilities maxed, G12 and 3G12+ pieces, 6xT6 mods. Its ship is 7*, has maxed abilities and 39.29% crit chance. Capital ship is Chimaera which gives it additional 15% crit chance. When playing against HMF TFP attacks first with its special and will almost never land a crit hit, just does regular damage. Occasionally it'll hit a weak falcon, for example 5* or one where HMF's pilots are gear10-11 and will never hit critically 7* falcon with both pilots g12 and zetas. 54.29% crit chance should give 1 out of 2, 2 out of 3 and so on successful crit hits but this is not happening. This issue seems to happen specifically when attacking HMF, against other ships TFP crits frequently. The enemy fleet doesn't have Cassian's ship, which would give crit avoidance. Usually it consists of HMF, Bossk and Bigs or Hera's ships.

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Re: TFP not critically hitting HMF 99% of the time.

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Can someone kindly look into this and clarify what's going on?

It's been a week and no one has at least acknowledged this report.

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Re: TFP not critically hitting HMF 99% of the time.

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How many times do you have tried?

With crits you mean the yellow numbers and with non critical hits the red ones?

I ask the second one just for clarification, meaning that you are not just looking for high damage numbers or the relative healthpool loss of HMF

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Re: TFP not critically hitting HMF 99% of the time.

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For the duration of 2 weeks, 10 times each day, I use refresh to climb up the ranks and am able to mostly due to using Casian's ship as reinforcement rather than relying on the TFP.

It's not about the color, never paid attention to that, but about the damage dealt, critical hit makes almost double damage. Regular hits do about 39K, while crits do 66-72K which removes all protection from HMF and also some of the health. So you can say I'm looking at the digits displayed after the hit, the difference is so big that you can tell whether it was a crit hit or no.


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Re: TFP not critically hitting HMF 99% of the time.

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Okay. HMF has a slightly higher armor and resistance than other ships. So the damage dealed will always be less.

It might be, that you run against someone with a gauntlet, wich is giving defense to every ship. But I would doubt it.

I do not know how the different armor and resistance values of ships are scaling the dealed damage to each other. It m8ght be, that the higher defense values of HMF are responsible for your difference in damage on different ships.

So the simplest way to really see, if you crit is the colourcode. 

Otherwise it would be useful, of you could provide a video, in which the same ship is dealing damage to HMF and another. How high is the damage on HT?

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Re: TFP not critically hitting HMF 99% of the time.

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I'm sorry. I feel I haven't explained my issue well. I have no problem with the amount of damage dealt by TFP with regular or critical hit.

My issue is that TFP has crit hit chance of 54.29% but will never hit critically an HMF with both pilots G12 with zetas (fully maxed), and would very rarely achieve a critical hit against 6* HMF or where one of the pilots is  g11. So this 54.29% crit hit chance actually results in 1% successful crit hits against not maxed (in gear and zetas) HMFs and 0% successful hits against fully maxed HMFs. Against any other ships it works as intended, way more frequent. Out of 10 battles TFP will make one successful crit hit against non-maxed HMF, all else is just regular hits and to me this is not the 54.29% crit hit chance I should be achieving, am I right?

So it's not about the armor or resistance of HMF but more about crit hit chance of TFP and crit hit avoidance of the HMF. HMF seems to have 99% crit hit avoidance from the TFP.

More info on the fleets.

My TFP is fully maxed with T6 mods and 3 pieces of G12+.

My fleet is Chimaera 5* leading TFP, Poe and Bossk. Poe and Bossk have fully maxed abilities and both are G12, Bossk is with zeta on his leader ability, Their ships are 7* with fully maxed abilities. Opponents' fleet are always - HMF, Bossk, Bigs or Ghost.

I hope this clarifies.

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Re: TFP not critically hitting HMF 99% of the time.

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Will this be addressed?
To make the explanation even simpler. Out of 10 fights TFP will hit 9 times with red damage and only 1 if at all with yellow. The crit hit chance of 54% and mathematics say that TFP should hit at the very minimum 6 times with yellow damage. Other people from my guild are having the same problem and I just saw another post on the same issue - "Crit Chance not calculating properly in fleet ".
Obviously this is a problem and the game incorrectly calculates the crit hit chance specifically for TFP against HMF and it's puzzling why no one is addressing it. As long time player I feel I'm not given my fair chance of winning with the right fleet.
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Re: TFP not critically hitting HMF 99% of the time. One month.

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One month since original post and nothing.

This is most frustrating when the game is not behaving as expected, as described  in game and nobody seems to care.

I'm beginning to think this particular behavior is intentional as it'll ruin the HMF meta, which apparently is not in CG's plans.

Really hope to be proven wrong.

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Re: TFP not critically hitting HMF 99% of the time. One month.

EA Live QV Team

Hi @1010303090 and sorry for the late reply, we've missed your original post.


We've tested this today and out of 20 battles we've managed to hit the enemy HMF critical with the Imperial TIE Fighter's "T-s8 Targeting Computer" 7 times. Please be aware that this not representative by all means, which would require a lot more test runs. Please keep also in mind that a 50% chance not necessarily means 5 out of 10 times, since the 50% chance is calculated individually for each attack. We've also checked the stats during a battle and they all appear to be and working as intended.

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Re: TFP not critically hitting HMF 99% of the time. One month.

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Hi @EA_HighCommand, first off thank you for your response.

Secondly let me summarize to see if I understand you correctly.

You simulated the issue I reported over the course of 20 battles during which you achieved success rate of roughly 32% which is far from the crit hit chance of the ITF alone. In my case it is 39.21 and I take it yours was somewhere around that number. So in this short test you didn't achieve even the ITF crit hit stat, which could be the "bad" RNG of this test run. I accept that, one day it'll be bad, another it'll be good and instead of 7 supposedly we'll get 12.

However we're still missing the additional 15% crit hit chance from the Chimaera which clearly have not been added to the equation.

Let me help you with the more tests. I've been doing 10 battles every day for the past 40+ days (perhaps you have the means to verify that) and I have not been anywhere near the result you got, especially when I play against fully maxed HMF. By fully maxed I mean both pilots G12+ with all zetas and all abilities maxed. In these cases I've not managed even once, please note that - even once to hit it critically.

This behavior is only specific to the ITF against HMF, when attacking any other ships, regardless of the number of pilots, level of gear, abilities, zetas, ITF achieves its expected crit hits success rate.

So with our combined efforts I'd like to ask if you find this evidence sufficient to conduct more tests and if necessary to make adjustments so the game behaves more accordingly to the ships' descriptions or you think that everything is in order as it is and nothing should be done?

I think we can both agree that everyone should remain true to the game and players should be getting real stats as it helps them build their right teams and plan their strategy accordingly.


Thank you.

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