Starkiller Graphic Bug

by SWGoYeti

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Starkiller Graphic Bug

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When are you going to fix the Starkiller graphic bug? it's cost me two GACs so far and I would like if you did your job and fixed this broken character.

He throws the barrel and then the game stops.  It's literally lost me two GACs, and I want compensation.Screenshot_20220523-004943.png

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Re: Starkiller Graphic Bug

EA Live QV Team

Hello @SWGoYeti 

We attempted to replicate your report on our site but could not find any issues. Could you please provide a few more details on your report?

Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves?:
How often does the bug occur?:

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Re: Starkiller Graphic Bug

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It's happened on attack and when facing Starkiller on defense.  It'll just randomly happen when throwing the barrel where the game will freeze and the battle is lost.

It's not possible to time out and keep the status of the battle either. 

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Re: Starkiller Graphic Bug

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@EA_Gunner This is still an issue. Will a video suffice?
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Re: Starkiller Graphic Bug

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I think it has something to do with a conflict in his abilities when all requirements for bonuses are met in GAC. It might even have something to do with cooldowns because it looks like they would either stack or conflict in some cases.

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Re: Starkiller Graphic Bug

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I've the same problem.

It arrives quite systematically when I begin the battle by using Starkiller spec1. he throws the barrel and the game freeze.


i play on ipad.

its really annoying expecially when its in GAC and where every point matter....

please solve this, it kills the strats everytimes...

at last if it could be possible to restart...but you loose your team and the battle because of the freeze...

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Re: Starkiller Graphic Bug

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I have the same problem since months. The barrel gets stuck in the floor, either if I use him on offense or on defense. 
The lap counter continues but even if the time is up, the battle won´t end. I have to close the application. 
It occurs in all game modes but its the most annoying in GAC. As soon as my opponent places Star Killer on defense - Game over. 

I play on Android


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Re: Starkiller Graphic Bug

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Not only in GAC, I had this problem in Conquest too.

I don't have Starkiller myself, so I only see this with SK in defense. It does not happen everytime though, and I don't know why. But still very frequent, around 90% of the time I'd say.

So, in conquest I avoid any node with Starkiller, but sometimes it's not possible, when the path forces you to fight him. I lost an entire day once just to pass him, not because I couldn't beat his team, but because the battle freezes!

And it happened again just 5min ago in GAC, very very frustrating. I think I'll lost this round because of that.

And I didn't even get the 10 points for first attack, even though I did 1 battle (see screenshot).

I play on my Android phone (Vivo Y70).

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