[Solved] Can’t marry or ask NPC to move in

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[Solved] Can’t marry or ask NPC to move in

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Product: The Sims Mobile
Platform:Apple iPad
List the specific devices you play with (e.g. iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7) Ipad Air 2
OS Version 11.2.6
Player ID: (Find your Player ID in Sims Mobile: https://help.ea.com/help/the-sims/the-sims-mobile/find-your-player-id-in-the-sims-mobile ) 1003482967056
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Establish and progress relationship with NPC.
What do you expect to see? The option to marry, or move in, an NPC.
Connection Type Wifi
Please select your region Europe
Country UK
Additional feedback Following per this thread: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Technical-Issues/Unable-to-ask-NPC-to-move-in/m-p/6724031#M1156 ... And as per the screenshots, one of my sims has a level 10 relationship with an NPC and wasn’t given the option to marry or ask them to move in. (She’s since married another sim!) I don’t know whether this is by design or a bug.


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Re: [Open] Can’t marry or ask NPC to move in

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@redhededkewty if your Sim is single or divorced and the NPC is young, it will be possible for your Sim to propose as soon as the relationship reaches level 4. After the proposal they will be able to marry. Make your Sim interact with the NPC and look into flirty options. Scroll down to see all available options.

NPCs move in automatically after marriage and you will be able to promote them to an empty playable Sim spot.




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Re: [Open] Can’t marry or ask NPC to move in

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I’m on my 2nd generation and had this same problem when following the fixer upper story. My 1st generation had no problem proposing when I followed the BFF story though. I tried going to more options. I maxed their relationship. Deleted the app and reinstalled..... nothing worked. I’d really like to find a solution for this!
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Re: [Open] Can’t marry or ask NPC to move in

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I actually followed that same route with my first gen sims too. Both have been able to propose. 

Yet with my second gen, that option is not available. I'm now on my third gen, after saying to heck with this, although I do want to see a fix with this bug.

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Re: [Open] Can’t marry or ask NPC to move in

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Yes this has happened to me twice now.

My Sim has two relationships with Sims that the game made.

There’s no option to move them through friendly nor romance options.


Both are Sims I’m in stories with; Sports Buddy and Tainted Love.


Once over level 8 on both, the option disappeared (the Move In option was greyed out before)


I hope they fix this soon, I want to move some Sims in!

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Ask another sims to move in?

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Can I ask another sims (friendly relationship, not flirty relationship, not owned by any player) to move in my house? There is one empty slot for playable sim. They are at level 8 of relationship already, but there is no option for "ask to move in".

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Re: [Open] Can’t marry or ask NPC to move in

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just like in other Sims games and in real life, you'll need to spend some time building a meaningful relationship with another Sim.

It's not hard, but it does take some time.
-Get your relationship with a sim up to level 10.
-Make at least three level 2 friends.
-Propose to your sim's soulmate.
-Purchase the wedding decorations.
-Fulfill the other wedding quest requirements.
Get married!

I hope this works.

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Re: [Open] Can’t marry or ask NPC to move in

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Hi. But it has the option to ask game controlled Sims to move in but is greyed out until you reach level 8. But then the option just disappears when you actually get to level 8.

It doesn’t say you need to achieve a list or have a certain number of Sim friends already. 


I got to level 8 with another game controlled Sim today but been blocked again. My Sim doing the art story. So it seems all the game created Sims tied to stories are affected.

That’s three in a row for me now. (Sports, Tainted Love and Art.) The Sports one is complete but the option to move in has not returned and I’m at level 10 with that Sim.


I am currently trying just to chat to another game generated Sim to see if the option vanishes but it takes a lot longer to reach levels just chatting. Currently I’m at Level 3.

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Re: [Open] Can’t marry or ask NPC to move in

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EA app Team

Hi everyone,

Once you have reached a relationship level 6 with a Sim owned by another player who is not part of the household and who is not an elder, you should be able to ask them to move in. Your Sim should not be in an event at the moment, and you might need to interact with them a bit before the interaction to ask them to move in appears. Use some of the green interactions in the list for a bit, and see if that helps. Also, please, make sure to check the whole interactions list as the option might appear at the end of the list.

If after trying this the interaction is still not showing for you, please, share your player ID with us: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Game-Information/Guide-How-to-find-your-player-ID-in-The-Sims-Mobile/td-p/...
If you tell us the name of the Sim you are trying to move in that would be helpful as well Standard smile


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Re: [Open] Can’t marry or ask NPC to move in

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I'm trying to marry Olivia Santiago with Ty Daly my player ID is 1003516550662. Ty had a message in the social box a message which went something like - i'm worried that there is someone else. I was planning on changing her hair. I never got a propose or move in option and relationship level is 10 in More than friends with benefits.
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Re: [Open] Can’t marry or ask NPC to move in

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even though my relationship with the sim is at level 10 and my sim is married to them, it still doesnt allow me to move in the sim.. so here’s my player id: 1003037281609 and im trying to move in Gülden Yildiz (i think thats how you spell the sim’s last name) into my household.
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