So many bugs!!

by slbw_76

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So many bugs!!

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Long term user, and so many bugs. 

My eco shifts are forever stuck on Wednesday, which means I can’t craft anything as I can’t get nuts/bolts. 

eco shift doesn’t allow me to start a shift (no way to click to start shift) 


lots of stories where the character can do a short/standard/long event, but zero progress made on completion, so progress forever stuck on the same level. 


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Re: So many bugs!!

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Oh, and also can’t do any events in the sweet treat challenge, because all the other activities (eg home event) don’t start when you press on them. 

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Re: So many bugs!!

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have you tried closing the app multiple times? By that i mean, i mean going to your home page and then clearing the game out of the background. (Here's an apple support guide and here's a guide for android by google if you dont know how)


i find that sims get stuck in events and then that sim cant start any events of that length. When i close the minimized game and re-open the app, it says that my sims just completed an activity even though i hadn't started it. For the past 2 days, i've had a sim stuck in the standard length event to move from one level of her hobby to the next so she was stuck on level 5, shecouldn't start any standard length events, and every time i reopened the app it said she completed a standard practice session. I finally got the rewards for the 5-into-6 event like an hour ago.


it sounds like you have a sim stuck in a workshop shift from yesterday and an sims stuck in a short and standard event. They may have several duplicates of the event queued up so repeat this until it doesn't say any sims just completed an event when you open the app. You probably have a lot of simoleons, thread, and tape coming your way

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