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Sith raid - massive scoring bug

by 87-J

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Sith raid - massive scoring bug

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Product: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
Platform:Apple iPhone
What type of device are you experiencing the issue with? iPhone
OS Version iOS 11
Ally Code: (Find it here: ) 512-825-292
What type of issue do you have? Missing Rewards
How often does the bug occur? Occasionally (10% - 49%)
Summarize your bug At the end of Phase 4 of the Sith raid, several members of my guild got massively inflated scores, over 4 million when it should have been in the thousands. This scrambled the ranking and cost some members of the guild rewards, particularly Traya shards. I've included a screenshot from one of the members that got a bugged score.
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Unknown.
Connection Type Wifi
Please select your region North America
Country United States

Apparently, about 8 people encountered this bug. I, as well as several others, were bumped down in rankings and now have lost out on rewards, namely the Traya shards. Unfortunately, I don't know everyone that was bumped. I believe I lost out on 2 Traya shards because I was erroneously bumped down to a lesser prize tier. I would really appreciate some sort of compensation over this (i.e. the amount of shards I should have received). Losing out on shards like that, particularly when I put in substantial time and effort, is a very serious issue. Any help over this would be greatly appreciated.

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Accepted Solution

Re: Sith raid - massive scoring bug

Community Manager (retired)

Thank you for your reports. Our team is investigating.

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Re: Sith raid - massive scoring bug

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I was robbed as well . Not to the degree you did
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Re: Sith raid - massive scoring bug

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Re: Sith raid - massive scoring bug

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I had this problem as well. I got bumped from second to 9th missing out on 3 Traya shards, 375 guild tokens, 90 guild event tokens, some credits, and an H1-01 raid prize box.
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Re: Sith raid - massive scoring bug

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See response here:


Basically, total damage is defined as (boss health after attempt) - (boss health before attempt). 


In P1, some unit damage is soaked by protection so it's not counted towards the total. In P4, Traya kills off the other bosses when they have less than 5% health resulting in massive boost to total damage. 

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Re: Sith raid - massive scoring bug

[ Edited ]
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That massive boost when traya kills her companions shouldnt count for player score. Its disrupting a fair rewards accumulation. Very bad design and should get fixed with the same priority as the recent raid nerfs.
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Re: Sith raid - massive scoring bug

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Agreed. Especially since rewards vary based on damage dealt. 

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Re: Sith raid - massive scoring bug

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This wasn’t that though, since Nihilis and Sion were already down. If you look at my screenshot, this was at the end of P4 when only Traya was alive. That doesn’t explain why multiple people got over 4m+ damage at the end.

Also, in that example, nightsisters can apply plague, which works like expose and doesn’t show individual damage. Once again, look at the screenshot I posted. That’s not even close to anything anyone else has posted.
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Re: Sith raid - massive scoring bug

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We have this issue as well:


At the end (last 20% or so) it first occurs that my sink team does like 40k damage - and the amount posted is 0.

Then I sent another team - made another around 30k - and it posted over 1 million.

That is very annoying bug changing scores.


Another thing is getting 500k for being around when Traya sucks out Nihillus or Sion - if it is WAI, it is pretty stupid WAI...

Would be much fairer if this did not count at all.

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Re: Sith raid - massive scoring bug

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I had this same issue happen to me. I was third with very little Traya health left. I was bumped to 10th when 7 guild members scored 4 million plus with teams that shouldn't score more than 100k. Also, several of our guild had teams score zero in the last few percentile on Traya, despite having damaged Traya.
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