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Re: Sion's Taunt is bugged after today's update (04/12)

by Acrofales

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Re: Sion's Taunt is bugged after today's update (04/12)

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It's definitely not working properly because the behavior is inconsistent depending on if you're attacking or defending. I.e. Enemy Sion will taunt after ally Traya cleanse, but your own Sion will not taunt after enemy Traya cleanses.

Bugs like this one are unacceptable in title releases. Was this update even tested?
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Re: Sion's Taunt is bugged after today's update (04/12)

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Having this issue also. My team comp is Bastila Lead zeta, GMY zeta, GK, Thrawn zeta, Ezra zeta. I use GK’s cleanse and anyone that had pain inflicted is forced to attack Sion only even after cleanse is used. This needs to be immediately addressed. My guild’s Revan teams are reporting same issue
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Re: Sion's Taunt is bugged after today's update (04/12)

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I thought this was consistent, and simply Traya and Sion's "start of turn" order had been flipped. As a fix I had been hitting opposing Traya with my Sion, and using my own Isolate on opposing Sion. However, it seems completely inconsistent. Sometimes Sion taunts when opponent has pain, but sometimes he doesn't. Moreover, I could swear that once or twice he has taunted even though there was no pain at all. This is very broken, and makes Traya mirrors a real mess of a matchup.

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