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Shards not showing from Chronium data pack

by messy2034

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Shards not showing from Chronium data pack

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Hi there I have a 6 star Cad Bane (85/100 shards).


I opened up the Chronium packs and it shows his character but when i return to my Character, it still shows 85/100....


Can I have some help on this?

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Re: Shards not showing from Chronium data pack

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Here is is what I wrote on forum.. My last reply




What I would suggest, is what I have seen in some other extremely popular games

Which is the following;

How was it done by other games? Very simple


Instead of going through each individual accounts, they did a roll back based on a percentage of what each account bought in crystals .. In general it was 15% crystals rolled back in each accounts.. Doesn't matter how much you spent.. That's a quick and fair way to get players somewhat happy and make them continue spending again and at same time will stop the crazy amounts of email, private messages and refund requests being sent to Google and Apple.


If a player bought 10 times vault of crystals (and I know many did buy more than that) which translate in 157,100 crystals bought then that account should get back 15% which equals 23,565 crystals.


It's not best and perfect scenario, but at least we can all come up with a common ground and move on and be more careful with those bundles until they are fixed


EA could just send a patch/update with the 15% rollback and get over this situation.. And it's quite simple to patch

The 15% is the bare minimum I would say. If EA customer service really want to be fair and show that all their players are important to them and their company revenues, I'm sure it would be closer to 18%-20% that should be rolled back


Trying to find a solution here.. If anybody has a better idea, write it [/quote]






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