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Re: Renewed Courage aims way off to the right of recticle

by GuiltlessWolf

Original Post

Renewed Courage aims way off to the right of recticle

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Product: Anthem
Please specify your platform model. PC
AMD or Nvidia Model Number GTX 1080
Enter RAM memory size in GB 32
Please select your region North America
Were you on an Expedition when the issue occurred? Yes
What type of Expedition were you on when the issue occurred? Mission
What was the name of the Mission / Contract / Stronghold you were on? Tell me Maur, this isn't relevant though as it happens everywhere.
What was your chosen difficulty level? Hard
What Javelin were you using when the issue occurred? Storm
What was your Expedition team makeup? Mix of the above
Where did this issue occur? Please include menu name or in game location. Lots of places in lots of missions
When did this happen? ( hh:mm) Intermitently always
Summarize your bug This aim bug seems to occur on several guns, but in this specific example was the Legendary Light Assault Rifle "Renewed Courage"
How often does the bug occur? Occasionally (10% - 49%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Unsure exactly, use this same gun(Renewed Courage) and play until it happens?
What happens when the bug occurs? The gun shoots about an inch(on my monitor) to the right of where the reticle indicates it should be shooting. It also turns red when it would actually hit them(When you are aiming to their left). If I switch to my other weapon slot, it will snap my view/aim to where the bullets were actually shooting.
What should be happening instead? The gun should be shooting at the area the recticle is indicating, not off to the right.

Here is a video demonstrating this:

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Re: Renewed Courage aims way off to the right of recticle

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Yo i though i was seeing stuff. And thought i was the only person experiencing this too. But this happens on every gun i use. And it happens like 85% when im shooting but mainly when i right click to zoom in  its annoying its like my entire guy turns right a little and when the shooting happens. The line up on how my guy walks is effected too. Its annoying to the point i just have to melee instead :/ hope they fix this. 

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Re: Renewed Courage aims way off to the right of recticle

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I have had the same issue for a quite a while. The bug seems to only trigger or become more pronounced when I have particular secondary weapons equipped. For example, if legendary renewed courage is my primary and masterwork thunderbolt of yvenia is my secondary, both guns work perfect. If legendary renewed courage is my primary and  Legendary Retaliation of Gerretus is my secondary, the bug will 100% be triggering during freeplays, legendary contracts, and strongholds. 

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