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[READ FIRST] Endless Game loading (Mac) / Random Crashes Patch 1.68.154/1.33

by crinrict

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[READ FIRST] Endless Game loading (Mac) / Random Crashes Patch 1.68.154/1.33

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This issue should now be resolved for PC/Mac


Please still use linked threads if you have further issues


If you are on a mac and have issues with loading the game at all (endless loading screen), please use this thread 11.17.20 patch - game won't stop loading 


If you are on a mac and the list of worlds is blank, post here: [CURRENT ISSUE] [MAC] No worlds showing on main screen


Please try repairing the game through Origin (potentially several times).



There are currently a lot of crash issues. There are dedicated threads for each platform, please use these instead of making a new thread here in bugs


Please read the first post of each thread to see what info is needed. 


Please make sure to remove your mods/cc and test without before posting in these threads.


Any threads made here will be merged (exceptions apply)


PC: [CURRENT ISSUE] Game Crashes after November 2020 Patch

Mac: [CURRENT ISSUE] Sims 4 crashing since November 2020 update, NOT CC/Mod related

PS4: [Current Issue][PS4] Sims 4 Random Crashing Patch 1.33

XB1: [XB1] Crashing during travel, save the game, in build mode or the vets

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