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Re: QuickPlay Missions broken, STILL?!

by krisket0

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Re: QuickPlay Missions broken, STILL?!

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Anthem very broken.. I have seen people looking to start class action suits.. dunce wet can't get it money back.. 


Since of the bugs are very old.. I am very frustrated that I payeded 90 bucks for this have and all I'm doing is eating my time.


1 week, then I'm hoping on the the class action suit as well.  Fix the game or refund me.. 

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Re: QuickPlay Missions broken, STILL?!

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Same thing has been happening to me. I used to play daily, I haven’t played in two weeks because the last time I logged in, it wasn’t just too broken. Tried getting on tonight, assuming quick play had been fixed, to no avail. 


I defended this game early on. It got a lot of bad press and some really harsh reviews... I thought. However, as time goes on, the game gets worse. For every bug you fix, another pops up EA, BioWare, whoever. I don’t care. I paid for this game and can’t even play it. That’s not right and you’re not making an effort to make it right. You can’t even fix it. I’m really ready to join the naysayers on this one. I told a bunch of my friends to buy this game and they did. I’ll make sure I advise everyone against that going forward. 

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Re: QuickPlay Missions broken, STILL?!

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I am also running into a 100% failure to complete rate today.  I'm not even trying quickplay.  This is pretty frustrating.

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Re: QuickPlay Missions broken, STILL?!

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Every other QP-game is like that. You join, no marker no mobs, exit.

At this rate we are looking at more loading screens than actual gameplay.
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