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Re: Patch 1.03 EA/BioWare please address!!

by S_T_F-Original

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Re: Patch 1.03 EA/BioWare please address!!

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Well said...I love the game...when it works! And right now I feel the 1.0.3 patch made things worse! I would even be fine with some of the minor things that haven't been fixed (NPC conversations, heck, even loot balancing!) if the game would just stop crashing or loading me into impossible missions with no objectives. And even saying that is NOT acceptable. Why BioWare thinks they can release a game in such a horrible state and ask us to stay patient is beyond me.

Here's hoping further patches actually fix issues and not create more.
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Re: Patch 1.03 EA/BioWare please address!!

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@PyxisCentauri wrote:

Has anyone heard anything official from EA/BioWare about the status of Anthem?  I’m at the point where I think I’m owed a refund or at least 90% of my money back because the game only works 10% of the time.  Shouldn’t they let us know something?  Just wondering if anyone’s heard anything...



Not seen. In the last two weeks I have seen people have had mixed results with refunds, but haven't seen anything addressing the above issues. Unsure any refund that were awarded were through PSN or EA. 

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Re: Patch 1.03 EA/BioWare please address!!

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Re: Patch 1.03 EA/BioWare please address!!

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Damn this bug is so annoying. I just want to continue my quest :/ come on EA / Bioware. . Do your thing!

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Re: Patch 1.03 EA/BioWare please address!!

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I have not played this game for approximately a month due to the issues mentioned in this post. 


I am extremely pleased to report that since patch 1.10, all mission bugs that were causing quickplay issues seem resolved!!!!


Finally I can enjoy this game again!! Well done BioWare!!!!


Unfortunately the conversation Arcs for Matthias, Jani and Dax are still bugged I. E speech bubbles appearing and disappearing. If you fix this last issue BioWare I will be a very happy customer as I imagine many others will be too.


Keep fighting the good fight! 

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