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Patch 1.03 EA/BioWare please address!!

by S_T_F-Original

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Patch 1.03 EA/BioWare please address!!

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Product: Anthem
Platform:Sony Playstation 4
Please specify your platform model. Sony PlayStation 4 Pro
Please select your region Europe
Were you on an Expedition when the issue occurred? No
Where did this issue occur? Please include menu name or in game location. Multiple instances/locations and Fort Tarsis
When did this happen? ( hh:mm) 09.03.2019 19:00 GMT
Summarize your bug Conversation bugs for NPCs still not resolved after patch 1.03 and quickplay still dropping me into bugged missions.
How often does the bug occur? Often (50% - 99%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Consult nigh on everyone who plays the game?
What happens when the bug occurs? Speech bubbles for Matthias and Freelancer Jani on map and compass but once within proximity, it disappears with no option to talk. The issue also happens with sentinel Dax although for me now there is no speech bubble at all even though I know there was and should be. Quickplay missions are still dropping me into bugged missions that cannot be completed.
What should be happening instead? I should be able to finish the conversation arcs with Matthias, Jani and Dax. Quickplay missions should not drop me or others into bugged missions or missions in general should not be bugged therefore eliminating the quickplay problem.





The above links are for issues already raised by the community and apparently, according to the 1.03 Patch notes, have been fixed.


I am sorry to report that this is entirely not the case.


As stated in the bug report above, I still cannot continue my conversations with Matthias, Freelancer Jani and Sentinel Dax.

Every time I come within say 20M of Matthias or Jani the speech bubble disappears. The speech bubble for Sentinel Dax has now vanished completely.


As for quickplay, I have tried within the last 2hrs 11 different attempts at quickplay on GM1 difficulty (don't know if the difficulty is relevant),

here are the results:

1) FAIL: Loaded in. No mission task received or tracked.

2) FAIL: Loaded in. Contract Threat Assessment Dominion Spy, no waypoint to locate spy.

3) FAIL: Loaded in. No mission task received or tracked.

4) FAIL: Loaded in. No mission task received or tracked.

5) FAIL: Loaded in. Contract Freelancer Work, no waypoint to locate arcanists.

6) SUCCESS: Secrets of the Auspex. No dramas Large smile

7) FAIL: Loaded in. No mission task received or tracked.

8) FAIL: Loaded in. No mission task received or tracked.

9) FAIL: Loaded in. Contract Threat Assessment Dominion Spy, no waypoint to locate spy.

10) SUCCESS: Pure fluke. loaded in at expedition end result screen. TEST AGAIN.

11) SUCCESS: Loaded in. Contract A Cry For Help. No Dramas. For some reason, although I'm at endgame and level 30, at the expedition

results screen the game just told me I achieved pilot Lvl 2...ooohh that's nice!!!


I have been dutifully going into game chat and telling players to quit the missions to try and save them, during which I noticed there seems to be a 1.5-second delay on the game registering me talking?? Anyway, As you can see, this is clearly not a resolved issue post patch!! I now have 21 Quickplay missions to complete (i already had one done before this test prior to patch 1.03) and as you can imagine this means I'm going to have to grind out an insane amount of fails in order to get lucky and eke out maybe 2 successes out of ten tries. I should not have to put this much effort in to complete the 'Challenge Of Valor', which is now almost impossible without a vast amount of patience.


Do you understand? My hopes were lifted today when I read the patch notes only to be utterly crushed.

I understand that at present things must be quite stressful at EA/BioWare for the devs trying to implement these fixes: too much pressure from above and the players also?

maybe you need a hug and a cup of cocoa? Whatever it is the devs need, MANAGEMENT- GIVE IT TO THEM!!! 


Still love this game, enormous potential. Whatever it takes, let's get it right. We the players, support you but bear in mind that your player base is more than likely on a knife's edge right now.


I do love the new Insta - Launch for expeditions and the bumped up numbers on my gear makes my Javelins feel a lot more boss! Standard smile


Please fix this!

More importantly, Please acknowledge this at least so that we, the players know something is happening, that would be a phenomenal start. Thank you.


Also everyone else, please comment share your experiences to keep this on the radar and flag it up!!!! Thank you.

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Re: Patch 1.03 EA/BioWare please address!!

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Happened to me for 2 missions in a row.  Playing on ps4 pro. 1 was regular contract and the second was a legendary contract.

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Re: Patch 1.03 EA/BioWare please address!!

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I am also still unable to continue conversations with Matthias, Dax, and Jani.
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Re: Patch 1.03 EA/BioWare please address!!

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I have the same problem

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Re: Patch 1.03 EA/BioWare please address!!

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same and on PC , nothing is fixed at all , heck even bugs are more spread now

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Re: Patch 1.03 EA/BioWare please address!!

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First. Thank you for writing a in-depth bug thread, especially with the issues I have been serving as well, along with what I think is 75% of the player base.


I ran into this issue last week and decided to slowly just Roam around freeplay / strongholds etc until it was fixed since there was a patch on the 12th...but then I got impatient and decided I wanted to continue the story and also continue the Mathias storyline.


It has been incredibly frustrating to see this icon constantly and feeling like I have missed out on a storyline that I cannot complete because Bioware has been incompetent.


I understand how difficult it can be to code games, fix bugs, but don't tell us you have fixed them only to not. And if there was a storyline or mailbox entries or something that we were meant to experience, this is not a single player game where you have to restart, most online games force content on to you that is always available to view like side storylines.


I can confirm that the option to continue contracts remain with Matthias but apart from the mailbox entry I got after the Triple Threat mission I have had no other random conversations with him even though the bubble remains, however I know have to finish the last of his chain and I cannot.


I am mainly frustrated that Anthem teased this new patch to address issues, launched it early to presumably to counter the division release next Friday and then botched it. They could have had 2 days to iron everything out.


I am dramatically loosing faith in Bioware which is a shame cause they are my favourite game developer.



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Re: Patch 1.03 EA/BioWare please address!!

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weeks have passed and they have not corrected this bug and have not even talked about it. A bug that did not take into consideration. This patch just removed the green and white loot and adjusted something on the skills. The game continues to have problems of continuous disconnections. The MOB disappear and reappear at random. The game crashes too often. SHAME!

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Re: Patch 1.03 EA/BioWare please address!!

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I finished the main story and spoke to the 3 Matthias that where standing in the same spot.


After I spoke to them after finishing the main mission and getting the last mission for their chain. The chat icon vanished completely, when I left the area I thought 'finally its fixed' then went back on the map and it returned. So all I can think of is that it is a bugged icon with no relevance but here's hoping.


I feel like I missed some Matthias chats although I checked on the map every single time I came back from a mission


Im giving it some more time to fix itself then jumping to division 2, which is a real shame cause I have high hopes for anthem

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Re: Patch 1.03 EA/BioWare please address!!

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**another update**


now Jani is bugged and her chat disappears whenever near - so basically Bioware didn't do any changes to the NPC's.



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Re: Patch 1.03 EA/BioWare please address!!

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Has anyone heard anything official from EA/BioWare about the status of Anthem?  I’m at the point where I think I’m owed a refund or at least 90% of my money back because the game only works 10% of the time.  Shouldn’t they let us know something?  Just wondering if anyone’s heard anything...



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