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Party not ready...?

by jreg403

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Re: Party not ready...?

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i have this problem

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Re: Party not ready...?

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I've had this happen on PC numerous times as well.
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Matchmaking issues

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I have 2 matchmaking issues:


- Playing solos, I need to close the app and open the game again every time i finish a match in order to play another match or I will be stuck in "Group not ready" message


- Playing with friends, when we finish a match I need to leave the group and ask to invite me again, or I have the same "group not ready" message

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I play Apex Legends  on  PS4 but i cant play with my friends i send invite , they try to join but i cant saw them.I cant to join too.Sometimes i see on the party but it said party not ready and they are play alone. Why*?

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Re: Party not ready...?

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this is not a PS4 only problem, we are having on PC almost all the time, the only way to fix it is to wait, even restarting the game doesnt work sometimes, and quite frankly this one is very annoying
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Re: Party not ready...?

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I was having the same problem with my playstation and it has frustrated me so much, ive uninstalled and reinstalled to try and fix it, and its got me to the point where i dont want to play it but when i was i was really enjoying it, please have this bug fixed ASAP because i dont want to miss out on all the content

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Re: Party not ready...?

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I have a problem since the release of the game on the PC. I have to leave the group after EVERY game and enter it again. If I play solo, I need to restart the game. Very annoying.

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Re: Party Not Ready Bug

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Re: Party not ready...?

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Same problem. It happens when I play with hotspot.

Please resolve because it is very annoying. 

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Re: Matchmaking issues

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