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Party not ready...?

by jreg403

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Re: Party not ready...?

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Still happening to me too. But for now, a quick fix is going back to the main manu and back in the lobby then matchmake again. To do this, while youre in the lobby, press start, then hit the middle button then confirm. 

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Re: Party not ready...?

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 here's a video of a quick fix to let you at least get back in a game nice and quick on PS4. Get back in the game friends, I'm excited to fight you. Thumbs up

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Re: Party not ready...?

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I get the same problem.
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Re: Party not ready...?

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i'm still having this problem as of todays update.


it only happens if i'm in a game for longer than ~5 minutes. if i die on a drop right away, i can easily ready up.


if the match takes longer than 5 or so minutes, i have to disconnect from the internet and reconnect for my character to ready up again.

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Re: Party not ready...?

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Been playing sense day 1, Still happens every game, Have to close app, Driving me nuts.

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Re: Party not ready...?

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Also experiencing this, but on PC. Only started happening to me after the Feb 19 2019 update.

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Party Not Ready (PC)

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I am not in a party and I keep getting this error. I'm sure this is an issue they are aware of. Is there a way to fix this?

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PS4 - Party not ready BUG, any news?

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I saw the new patch but saw no mention to this bug, anyone knows a way to fix it? Reinstall the game or something similar?

I still get it 95% of the times, I play a match and when I´m back at the lobby I can´t queue again, because of a message "Your squad is not ready", the only way to fix this is to get out of the game, close it, and start it over again, it happens when I multiplayer with friends as well.

The only way for it not to happen is when we die really fast, like 2-3 minutes in a match, than when we return to the lobby, we can enter another game as normal.

I´m just asking because I saw no mention of it in the patchnotes.

Thank you.

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"party not ready" bug on PC solo Q

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getting effected by the party not ready bug every times trying to solo Q on PC reporting this bug

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Re: Party not ready...?

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Any fix to this EA? Happening after every game. So infuriating. Can't play more than 1 game with a team mate either as it just let's one join and I'm left in the lobby with this error. Get it sorted! 3 weeks out already and no fix.
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