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Re: Party not ready...?

by GnuZNes

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Re: Party not ready...?

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DMZ is a networking preference and it does come with security limitations. While we do not have a tutorial ourselves, we recommend reaching out to your internet service provider if you need any assistance in setting your console in DMZ if you are not entirely familiar with the process.

I'm afraid we do not have any updates to share right now on a fix for this in the near future, but this specific "Party Not Ready" error is indeed still being tracked and investigated by the Apex Legends team. 


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Re: Party not ready...?

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Thank so much. Worked for me.

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Re: Party not ready...?

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Setting console IP as DMZ was mentioned earlier, and unfortunately it does not work for my case (also reported by others here) 


and you are right, users really should not set it this way it’s bad practice and may come with its own bag of problems.

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Re: Party not ready...?

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Setting your console in a DMZ will bypass your routers firewall and leave it open to attack. Not something that should be used if it can be avoided. 


Alternatively respawn and EA should sort themselves out and actually fix the issue. 


Only way they will take notice to these problems is if players stop playing the game. 

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Re: Party not ready...?

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If you activate dmz something something on the router you can get her ip ban or something like that. Did you say this setting is certain?
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Re: Party not ready...?

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I'm confused as to why you think EA would ban someone for bypassing a firewall?

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Re: Party not ready...?

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I do not know, but I'm afraid of patting something net / router or ip from ps.
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APEX Party not ready.

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I'm absolutely sick of this bug and will stop playing because of it. Fix it!

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Re: Party not ready...?

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Same problem here on ps4 pro

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Re: Party not ready...?

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80 days yay, the bug has travelled around the world. 

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