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[PS/XB] Wedding planning crash

by Dustyswole

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Re: How come my game crash every time I try to have a wedding?

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Oh, this is on PS4? Then I'm sorry I don't really know.
Please post on the forum for technical issues on console in the future -

I did some googling though and found this site that gives instruction on how to handle a problem with your error code, CE-34878-0, maybe you can try it out and see if it works for you?

Good luck and happy simming!

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Game shuts down every time I try to plan wedding on PS4

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Every time I set the event and go through the final step as soon as I hit okay thinking the wedding is about to start my whole game shuts down, the screen turns blue and says there is an error. Anything I've done is lost because the autosave has the correct time of its last auto save but the progression data is not right. This has happened 3 times. Lucky for my I have every 20 min so I only lost the last 20min. No updates needed on the game or my PS4. I've attached the error I keep getting.
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Re: How come my game crash every time I try to have a wedding?


@Hawkins2013 I merged your post with exiting bug report on the issue


It's a known issue it seems.

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Re: Game shuts down every time I try to plan wedding on PS4

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This happened to me once when I tried to use the phone to throw a wedding. I was able to have a wedding by buying a wedding arch and throwing it that way. Maybe that would work for you?

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Crashing during wedding event

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I have the sims 4 for PS4. It was fine but it won’t allow me to plan a wedding event. It’s a bummer and I don’t know If I’m the only one having that issue
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Re: Crashing during wedding event

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Hi @Sher_Highness!
This is a known bug, here's the link to the thread about it.

What you could do is buy a wedding arch, bake a cake,, invite some guests (without throwing an event), and then wed your sims that way! Standard smile

Also, this is the board for technical issues on PC (although this is a bug), but here's a link to the board for console issues, for next time!



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Re: 2 issues saving and planning weddings on ps4

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Hi EA_Mai, I am having same problem as stated above with same error message. Yes, bride and groom are selected by default. I have the couple and child living in same household. Only difference is, mine freezes after i set up the wedding during the loading screen. But, this only happens when i mess with the bride and groom selection screen. If i do not mess with bride and groom selection screen; it loads perfectly fine. It just gives me this message, after loading screen, that i will be posting below.

I believe this issue (with the bug) should not be happening. Hopefully, i gave enough info for this issue to be solved. Thanks in advance!

Edit: Im on PS4 first edition
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Re: Sims 4 crashing issues on ps4

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Game crashing. Weirdly when I propose to someone the game crashes.. I would really like some answers and please ea Fix this issue
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Re: [PS/XB] Wedding planning crash

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Having the issue with one family. Was able to marry another family but not the original. They won't elope, I can plan the wedding but they won't marry, or when in the planning screen it will kick me back to my home screen.
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Re: Wedding party Error

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Hey I am having the same problem on my PS4.

I paid top money to purchase this game and you advise us to do a workaround? 

Are you working on fixing the bug? what's the ETA for the update?

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