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[PC: FIXED] [CONSOLE: OPEN] [DO] Sims Taking Other Diner's Food

by Iyasenu

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Re: [OPEN] [DO] Sims Taking Other Diner's Food

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Thought this was great @aidans1985 . I think you’re right. The sharing feature is the culprit.


Thanks for this.

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Re: [OPEN] [DO] Sims Taking Other Diner's Food

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Great insight @aidans1985 ! It's a shame there obviously wasn't very thorough testing of the changes for Sulani affecting other packs. I'm hoping we get a fix very soon!

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Re: Rude Sims Stealing My or My Date's Food!

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This is happening to me as well. At first I thought it was a mod conflict. But after removing them, cleaning my cache, and starting a vanilla game, sims were still swiping other sims foods.

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Re: Rude Sims Stealing My or My Date's Food!

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@LuisLTPG Me too.
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Re: Rude Sims Stealing My or My Date's Food!

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This is happening in my game too. Yes I have mods, and yes, I have CC. But this is completely new, and only started after the last patch from 6/19.

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Re: [OPEN] [DO] Sims Taking Other Diner's Food

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If true, then this is why having every pack installed during the creation and testing phases is extremely important. Yes, not everyone has all the packs (I don't), but if certain things cause clashes like this then it can cause massive backlash to both the game, the gurus, and can result in people not bothering with the game.
I, myself, have a ton of diners, dives, and restaurants I tend to go to with my sims, but as long as this is in base game and not attached to Sulani itself, then my restaurants will just sit there unused. It sucks, but nothing else I can do or else incidents like the ones we've posted already.
Thanks for the info.
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Re: [OPEN] [DO] Sims Taking Other Diner's Food

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I'm having this issue as well. I just came back from testing a clean game where the problem still persisted before noticing this topic. I currently have all EPs, GPs, and SPs including the recently released Island Living. 


While my sims are dining random sims are approaching their table and taking their food and eating it nearby or taking it to another table. Sometimes the food will be taken before they have a chance to start eating it, or it'll be taken even while they are eating! EDIT: I also noticed that my sims eating interaction with their dishes would be canceled frequently, and it looks like it is connected with other sims that are about to steal their food getting the interaction in their queue. 


I like dining out with my sims a lot, so this issue (hesitant to refer to it as a bug, but I think it should be labeled as such) is seriously infuriating me. I hope EA fixes this soon regardless of whether this is an Island Living 'Sulani sharing culture' conflict or not, because this is ridiculous.

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Re: [OPEN] [DO] Sims Taking Other Diner's Food

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Same problem here! It's super annoying.  


First of all, it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE for the sims dining in the group to stay seated for longer than 5 seconds unless I force them into conversation.  It's like wrangling a herd of puppies--as soon as one person sits down, another gets up. When you finally get that person to sit down, someone else has stood up and walked away.  SO annoying...


On top of trying to keep everyone in one space, now I have to deal with NPCs swiping my sims food between every bite.  They just walk up, snatch my sims plate and head back to their table.  


I love taking my sims to restaurants but until they can get this fixed I think I may have to skip them for now, just to avoid the frustration of trying to get my sims through a meal.

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Re: [OPEN] [DO] Sims Taking Other Diner's Food

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This has been happening to me since the last patch. If the sims I'm dining with, including my own, don't start eating immediately, someone will walk over, pick up their plate and start eating it. It doesn't matter which restaurant. It doesn't matter if there are mods or not (I've tested with both and, yes, I deleted my cache files). I've noticed all the sims in restaurants will walk around a lot more, too. I have to force mine to sit at a table together or else they're all over the place. Which means, when the food comes, their meals get stolen. NPCs no longer seem to sit at their own tables either. There was always some walking around but now it seems almost out of control.

I've also seen food being stolen off other sim's tables so it's not just stealing from the active sim. My restaurants are otherwise functioning normally. The waiters take orders and deliver just fine. 

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Re: [OPEN] [DO] Sims Taking Other Diner's Food

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this is crasy 

Ihave the same problem and iam not using english but nederlands 

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