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[Open][Workaround] Unable to accept or decline friend request

by mrdoggie94

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Re: Unable to accept or decline friend request

EA Live QV Team

What happens when you close the game completely (in the background) and reopen it?

And how long has it been since you got the invite? 

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Re: Unable to accept or decline friend request

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I remember this happening to me too on April 10th. My friend suggested ignoring it, and I noticed it went away the next day.




It also happened to me on Wednesday, May 8th at 9 pm EST right before I hosted a party when I was trying to add a friend. In that specific occurrence a friend and I both sent a friend request to each other at the same time. I wonder if that caused an issue. However, that resolved itself out within 10-15 mins so my friend could attend my party. 

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Re: Unable to accept or decline friend request

@SimGuruMaaike nothing happens when i do that and it's been i think 4 days since I've gotten it.

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Re: Unable to accept or decline friend request

Ok, update for me, i got another friend request today from someone else. I was able to decline the new one. But the old one, it still told me the same thing.
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Re: Unable to accept or decline friend request

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Update from me too. I thought it corrected itself, but my accept/decline friend glitch persists too. 


My baby alt account and main account are on each other’s Game Friends list. Even though my main account “Mal” is the only friend on my baby account, it is also stuck in the Messages tab. Accepting Mal as a friend does not remove the request — it only says that the request or action failed. 



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Re: Unable to accept or decline friend request

EA Live QV Team

@simmerdownMAL Do you remember if you sent a friend request from both your main account to the baby alt account, and also from the baby account to the main account? Or was it only from one account to another? 

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Re: Unable to accept or decline friend request

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The former. It was sent from both accounts when I didn’t see the request initially appear.

I don’t recall which one I sent first, but it was probably from baby to main since I have my main code memorized. It’s only stuck in my baby account messages. I’m assuming that sending from each account at about the same time messed it up 🤷‍♀️

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Friend Referral failed

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I have a friend request that I can’t get rid of. I can’t accept or decline it without getting a failed pop up. I’ve emailed customer service twice to no avail. Any advice? Thanks. 

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Re: Friend Referral failed

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I got my friend request to go away, but I don’t know how other players would be able to do it because I control both accounts. Other players may not be able to contact the other person with the stuck friend invitation. 


This is how my glitch occurred. 

  • From my alt account (Mini Mal) I sent a friend invitation to my main account (Mal).
  • I didn’t see Mini Mal’s friend request immediately appear in Mal’s messages, so I sent a friend invitation in the reverse direction. I sent a request to Mini Mal from Mal. 
  • I accepted the friend invitation that appeared in Mini Mal’s messages, and Mal appeared in the contact list. Mini Mal also appeared on Mal’s contact list.
  • The friend invitation that Mal sent to Mini Mal was also stuck in the messages tab, neither allowing me to accept or deny the request, despite already being friends/contacts. 

(I wonder if this glitch occurs for other people when two players send friend invitations to each other at the same time). 


This is how I fixed it.

  • I removed Mal from Mini Mal’s contacts so they were no longer friends. When I did this, the friend request was still stuck in the messages, neither allowing me to accept/deny Mal’s initial request. 
  • The contact was effectively removed from the contact list on both accounts. 
  • I sent another friend request (essentially starting over again) from Mal to Mini Mal, and I closed both games for about a minute  or two to ensure the invitation went through. 
  • I half-expected to see another friend request appear in the messages for Mini Mal, but never saw one. It didn’t look like anything had changed. However, when I tried accepting the friend invitation button this time, the message went away, and Mal was effectively added to Mini Mal’s contacts once again. 

If anyone is experiencing this glitch and has the means to contact the other player outside the game, then I suggest the following.

  1. Send the other player a message to ask if you appear in their contact list, and have one or both of you remove each other from the contacts if you do. 
  2. Ask the other player to send a new friend invitation to your account. After this has been done, then hopefully you can either accept or deny the invitation and the message should go away for good.
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Re: Friend Referral failed

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I am circling back to this because I experienced the bug again on the same account, and fixed it again. 


A player sent me a friend request yesterday to attend my party. I did not send her a friend request though. 


Today I noticed her request come in and was not able to accept or decline it. I contacted her on Discord to ask her if my account appeared on her contact list, and it did not. I asked her to send another friend request to my account. After she had notified me that she sent a request, I accepted the request, and it was a success. The request disappeared from my messages, and she was added to my contacts.

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