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[Open] Sim shrinking

by SalixCat

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Re: Hilarious glitch

EA Live QV Team

He drank tea at someone else's party, not your own party?

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Re: Squished pregnant sim

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This happened a bunch of times in my game also! It always happened with a child Sim.

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Re: Hilarious glitch

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@SimGuruMaaike i don't know if u are asking op or just anyone but for me, it was at someone elses party

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Re: Hilarious glitch

@SalixCat@wtfmyguy123@whackywhippet234, & @CARLY91888 how is this issue these days?


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Re: Hilarious glitch


@Phantomlover1717 still the same. 

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Re: Hilarious glitch

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@Phantomlover1717 i haven't noticed it but then again, i don't play as much since i have limited time. I think that glitch that brings you back before you did some actions has returned. (Similar to the harvest event.)

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