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[Open] Progress being set back in quests/events

by VintageStarlette

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Re: Lost quest progress

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I'm sorry it happened to you as well and that it meant you couldn't complete the quest. This whole quest was a nightmare from start to finish.

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Re: Progress setback

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I keep getting sent in my events too. It is  Frustrating.  I enjoy this game alit but not when you cant complete events. 

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Re: Progress setback

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Progress set back on the harvest events and I lost pie pieces. Idk what happened. 

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Re: [Open] Progress being set back in quests/events

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I am posting this in three different posts forum because I'm going through the three of them since yesterday:

1. My Sim doesn't have any action bubble, unfortunately I didn't capture it

2. Another Sim cannot do its special chapter of Career. It's said that "Blaise is in this event already". Well, he IS Blaise.

In addition, other Sims also lost certain shift time option.

3. Since I was planning to put post the problem in the forum, I have made sure that none of my Sims are in any event so that the EA team can look it up, but strangely, a few hours later some of them finished their event.


My ID is 1003187484102

PLEASE look it up since I've spent a lot of money and time playing the game Frown

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Re: [Open] Progress being set back in quests/events

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"When I re-open the app, usually within 5-10 minutes, the game has thrown back to (approximately) the previous access point, so I have to repeat actions to complete the same events."


Whoa this has been happening to me since summer, when I first downloaded this game, I thought it was just me and a crappy wifi but I guess not.


It happens at certain times during the day though, weird

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Re: [Open] Progress being set back in quests/events

In my case, I had a part of Harvestfest being completed even if I have not accomplished the necessary task. It was an earn 1200 pie slices part. I think I was halfway thru in earning 1200 when I closed the app. When I returned, it was done. So, I was able to move forward in HarvestFest.

Maybe it had to do with my reporting here about the glitches so technical support somewhat fixed my game?

I also reported on EA help on Twitter but they had no reply but I'm pretty sure they read it.

Just to be clear, there are still glitches in my game especially the quick/standard/long options in career & keep messing up.
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Re: [Open] Progress being set back in quests/events

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This happened to me today. I was on 24, and it took me all the way back to 2. Plus I had spent actually money on stuff, which was gone. So I spent money on nothing, which is what really upsets me. Contacted EA and was told there was nothing they could do. Seriosusly? Refund me my money or give me credits or something! 

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Re: [Open] Progress being set back in quests/events

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Re: [Open] Progress being set back in quests/events

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I believe it happened because I was trying to play the same game on two devices. So after being told by customer support to come here and by people here to go to customer support, and then being called a liar by customer support I just stopped trying to play the game on two devices. Kept to just my phone. And then with the change late last year with charging for colors I stopped playing the game. 

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Re: Lost quest progress

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Same thing here
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