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Re: Party guests appear

by halituzuner72

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[Open] Party guests appear on the far ends of the sidewalk

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Product: The Sims Mobile
Platform:Android Tablet
List the specific devices you play with (e.g. iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7) Samsung p900 tablet
OS Version Android 5.0.2
Player ID: (Find your Player ID in Sims Mobile: ) 1003456952676
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? At my parties, the guests appear not in the house, but on the road in front of the house.  For this reason, I am having trouble giving them labels.  Also, the integrity and visual beauty of the party does not occur.  It wasn't like that before, everything was fine then.  This problem has occurred for about a few months.  Also, when I re-enter the party before the party is over, the party guests become completely invisible.  However, I can see the participants in the chat window.  But I cannot see the guests either inside the house or on the street in front of the house.  This problem started for about a month.  Finally, from the chat screen, according to one of the guests, I learned that the bo problem was just me.  The guest also asked me if no guests were seen at the party, whether there was a malfunction.  I hope you can help me with my party problem.  I have been unable to love this game that I have been playing for years due to the problems I have been talking about for several months.  I want to see my party guests in their natural state, not on the road in front of the house.  When I enter the game shortly before the party ends, I want to see them and give them their labels.  I want my party guests to see each other again.  Otherwise, I will not be able to continue playing the game like this.  It is a pity that such malfunctions appeared in the game years later.  I think I will stop playing if this bug doesn't get better.  May it be easy, good work.
What do you expect to see?
Connection Type Wifi
Please select your region Europe
Country Turkey
Additional feedback

I can't add anything because the party is over and I don't take a screenshot. Since my English is bad, I could not determine exactly what to add here.



[Edited by EA_Mai: restoring the text as it seems there was a glitch that deleted it]

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Re: Party guests appear

For the invisible Sims, we have a bug report:


Are the Sims at your parties all at the far ends of the sidewalk?


do not work for EA

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Re: Party guests appear

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Yes. The sims are at my parties all at the far ends of the sidewalk.

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Re: Party guests appear

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Yes. The sims are at my parties all at the far ends of the sidewalk.
But when I enter a few hours later, they don't show up on the sidewalks either. Guests attending my party cannot see any other sims.
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