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by Rh0deIsland

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Re: Sims not being seen at parties

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Tonight I hosted a party for the first time since the September 10th/11th version 16.0.0 update for Fashion Week. 


I don't know what changes were made to the parties, if any, but my guests and I saw a noticeable improvement in sim rotation, at least within the first 10 mins. (Since about 25 friends attend my parties right when they start to maximize visibility for getting stickers). It was amazing seeing more sims than I usually do without having to enter/exit CAS and close/open the app. After ten mins,  all the sims ghosted always; however, I was able to dispense my stickers quickly to everyone at the start. 


I won’t jump the gun and suggest this bug is fixed (yet), but it looks like maybe some good tweaks were made. 


Unrelated to the bug, the text/font/size in the party chat typing box definitely changed, and that was a big improvement! 

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Re: Sims not being seen at parties

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I push the topic again.

The problems have somehow become worse with the updates. It has already been reported that the guests disappear suddenly.
Sometimes it happens already after 2 minutes, sometimes only after 6 hours. Unfortunately, the 1st case is more common.

My guess was that it might have something to do with the attendance of the party. So the same principle that caused the crashes. But that's not correct.
A friend and I have re-entered the same party after 11 hours of running time. The curious thing: she still saw guests, me not.

For me, only the Sims from the host were around; the friend, however, had a player rotation with all the guests at the party.

Unfortunately, it is also super annoying when I throw a party myself and after 3 minutes I see no more guests. That's no fun ... And please don't underestimate the importance of the parties! The parties are the core of social interaction with other players. The parties are the reason why many active players stayed after last October-December's Horrortrip with all the bugs, loosed accounts and the bad excuses and still play today.
Sorry if I'm greedy, but it's annoying... I can't see these bad old bugs anymore...
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