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Re: [Open] Make space for Sim already in household

by SalixCat

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[Open] Make space for Sim already in household

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Product: The Sims Mobile
Platform:Apple iPad
List the specific devices you play with (e.g. iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7) iPad Air, Samsung Note 8
OS Version Newest on both devices.
Player ID: (Find your Player ID in Sims Mobile: ) I’ll list it later tonight...
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Try to get married.
What do you expect to see? No issues...
Connection Type Mobile
Please select your region North America
Country USA
Additional feedback

Asks me to move out a Sim.... both Sims live in my house, were promoted from kids to adults, both are playable, yet the game is asking me to move out a sim to marry my Sims. I have never seen this problem occur before. First screen shot shows that I can’t marry due to a full home, second one shows that these Sims are both playable. Should be no reason for a Sim to move out. I have called customer service before for other purposes and they just tell me to come on here and post on the bug forum, please do not comment telling me to contact them, thank you. 

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Re: [Open] Make space for Sim already in household

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EA Live QV Team

How many other Sims do you have in your house atm? And what is your player ID? 

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Re: [Open] Make space for Sim already in household

@SimGuruMaaike wrote:

How many other Sims do you have in your house atm? And what is your player ID? 

@sparklypickle6 did you miss the reply of SimGuruMaaike? Do you still have this issue?


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Re: [Open] Make space for Sim already in household

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This is happening whenever we have a full household (8 NPCs + 4 playable Sims).


This was the household in my main account some weeks ago, four playable Sims and eight NPCs.


Family portrait.jpg


Lise is engaged both to Aria (playable Sim in the same household) and to Benson, a young NPC who works at the lab in Waterfront.

The game works as expected when I try to get Lise and Benson married. He is an NPC and will move in automatically to the household after the wedding. Therefore it's correct to remove one of the eight NPCs to make room for him.


Other cases described under are bugs.


Lise fiancé 1 and 2.jpg


1. Marriage between two playable Sims in the same household.
Lise and Aria are active Sims in the same household and are using each a playable Sim slot. If I try to get them married, the game asks me to remove an NPC for them to be able to marry. Aria is not taking the place of an NPC. She is a playable Sim and is using a Sim slot already. It is not necessary to remove an NPC in this case.


LIse and Aria.jpg


2. Marriage between a playable Sim and another playable Sim that belongs to a different player.
My playable Sim, Jeanette, is engaged to Guillermo, a playable Sim in my alt account.


Jeanette fiancé.jpg


When I try to get Jeanette married to Guillermo, the game reacts in the same way. It is asking me to remove an NPC. Guillermo is not moving in. These two Sims are getting married, but Guillermo is not moving in instantly.
I cannot ask Guillermo to move in until their relationship reaches level eight, and then I would need to have a playable Sim slot. Therefore it is unnecessary to remove an NPC. 


Jeanette and Guillermo.jpg


3. Marriage between a playable Sim and a young NPC, both in the same household.

Robert is now an adult NPC and is engaged to Aria.


Aria and Robert.jpg


In order to get Aria and Robert married I had to remove an NPC. Both Sims are already in the same household. They are only getting married. It shouldn't be necessary to remone anyone from the household when they are getting married.


Aria and Robert2.jpg


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