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[Open] Items spawn on top and in each other

by PaQuilter1

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Re: Jumbled Item Placement


@Finealta wrote:

Oh and I’m finding I’m having trouble with items that have been moved, staying where they are but not visible.  For instance, i moved my clock off the fireplace and tried to put something in its place, but no little purple squares turned up.  I moved the fireplace into storage and got it out, to no avail, but then i moved it around the room and rotated it a few times and spotted the clock still where it was originally.  It took several tries to remove it and put something else in its place.  The same thing happens with my kitchen benches that have items on them.

 @Phantomlover1717 Me too. Stuff is floating in the air all over the place. If it wasn't so frustrating, it would be funny. 

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Floating Objects While Decorating

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Got a little free time so I better post this glitch I encountered while re-decorating my sims' house a week ago.


What happened was I planned on putting up lights on the wall but wasn't able to do so coz the fireplace was there. So, what I did was temporarily transfer the fireplace on another wall (I expected the objects on top of it to go with the fireplace during the transfer & they did. Then I placed the lights.


As I returned the fireplace back to its original wall placement, imagine my surprise (and alarm!) when I couldn't find the fireplace. Instead, the objects that were on top of the fireplace were just FLOATING in place!


I immediately took them one by one to storage. And, (sigh of relief), I found the fireplace was still back at the temporary wall I placed it. It seemed it did not go with the transfer, only the objects did.


Eventually, I was able to put everything in place & no more floating objects.


Haven't tried to re-create the scenario (I'm afraid to try coz it might permanently glitch!).


(Later, I found it hilarious coz it seemed that there was a poltergeist in my sims' house! 😂)

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Re: Floating Objects While Decorating




Hi, we have merged your post with this thread about the same issue that you have experienced.


This can be funny sometimes but also annoying when you have been redecorating and when you come back everything is all misplaced.


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Re: Floating Objects While Decorating

@Finealta@dissenterjasmine & @PaQuilter1 have you seen this issue more recently?


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Re: Floating Objects While Decorating

★★★★ Pro

@Phantomlover1717 wrote:

@Finealta@dissenterjasmine & @PaQuilter1 have you seen this issue more recently?

I posted in here a year ago... i dont play often enough to notice and i very, very rarely move anything around when i do, so no idea, sorry.

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