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[Open] Game keeps crashing

by EpicRedly

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[Open] Game keeps crashing

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Product: The Sims Mobile
Platform:Apple iPad
List the specific devices you play with (e.g. iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7) iPad Air
OS Version 12.3.1
Player ID: (Find your Player ID in Sims Mobile: ) 100 312 189 8507
How often does the bug occur? Often (50% - 99%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Use an apple device?
What do you expect to see? no crash
Connection Type Mobile
Please select your region Europe
Country Germany
Additional feedback See text below...

Hey... Maybe it's a longer text you will read, because I started a post in my german Facebook-Group to ask about the crash ingame. And I reveiced a few answers. 

First of all: Not every player likes to write in english or use the AHQ because they aren't familiar with it. So I put together the information.


First person: 

IGN: LarasVelvet 
ID: 100 312 189 8507
iPad Air - iOS 12.3.1 

She tried the whole iOS-Trouble-Shoot. Since the Make-Over-Update Izzys Part in CAS couldn't be entered. The game crashed every single time she tried. (Izzys caravan isn't a problem!) Also the changing of location triggered a crash. No matter if she went to the CAS, to a party or in the City.

Reinstalling didn't help or just for 1-2 days. Cache clearing, trying to use mobile data or wifi, restore the network settings and a forced restart didn't help, too. There's more than 16 GB dataspace free on the iPad Air. Apple-ID is also correct, so the time. It seems like clearing the safari-browser helped her for a short time...And she mentioned that the crashes vary in frequency. After every update it it got better or worse. 


Second person: 

IGN: tkzsw
ID: 1003465925223
iPhone 5 - iOS 12.3.1 

Her game crashed right after visiting the Izzy-Section in CAS and also if she tried so start the game. Sometimes it needs 5-6 game-restarts till she can play somehow. 
If the faceclaims from her sims don't appear, she knows the game will crash again. 
She already contacted the support and tried the iOS-troubleshoot, too. After she told the support it doesn't work they didn't answered her.
So she reinstalled the game, cleared the cache, cleared the browser, checked the clock and Account-IDs. The day before yesterday she wrote to the support again and now the game seems to be stable while she changes the locations. But the game keeps crashing while she calls a befriended sim. 



Third person: 

IGN: mhahia 

ID: 1003446785426

iPhone 8 - iOS 12.3.1

Same as the other players. Game crashes with the visiting from Izzys CAS-Section. Also after changing the locations. 
She tried the EA-iOS-troubleshoot, too - with no success. It keeps crashing. 

And the fourth Person: (but it seems to be an account-bug and has nothing to do with the iOS) 

IGN: Butterfly 
ID: 1003469702789
Samsung A9 - Android 9.0 

She has called the support and talked with them for two hours. Changing the device doesn't help - she played her account on three different devices and it keeps crashing. The account of her child works well on the same devices. (the support tolds her they can restore her account - but eeehm... she plays since official release. Nobody would do that voluntarily.) 

These four players gave me the full information about their crashes. I wrote with many more players with this problem and mostly all are iOS-User. Transfering the account to an android-device worked for two other befriended players and they can use the izzy-items in the CAS. But most iOS-users have no android-device at home Oops


If you need some more information or a few tipps - pls let me know! I will tell them! Standard smile 
And if I get more user-troubleshoot's, I'll add them. 


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Re: Game keeps crashing

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IGN: Jae Bee 2.0

Device: iPhone 7

Software: iOS 12.3.1


My game won’t load at all, it keeps on giving the “Where is the network” error. I have lots of storage, my game and app is up to date and my WIFI connection is good. I’ve contacted EA help via email and they rolled my game back twice but that did not help, I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling that still didn’t help. I currently have a ticket with the specialist and it still says “in progress” but I haven’t heard anything back in a few days. 

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Re: Game keeps crashing

@JamaicanGirl01 could you make a new report? It seems all issues @EpicRedly mentions are not related to what you're experiencing. 


Did the second (tkzsw) and fourth (Butterfly) person contact the German or English support? 
Did the second (tkzsw) person contact EA through reporting a bug?
How long have the people you mention been having this issue? 

We've had an issue with Izzy crashing in the past, which was solved by contacting EA. Sadly the solution would be to rollback their games, I'm not sure how far back though. 
The fourth person (Butterfly) seems to have that suggested, what was the timeframe support told her they would go back? 


do not work for EA



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Re: Game keeps crashing

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Hi phantomlover,

thanks for your reply. Tkzsw here.

I contact the german support two times. The first time they said I should try the trouble shoot. This doesn‘t work for me so I wrote them again. About this I didn‘t get an answer yet.
I contaced the technical support about issues with the connection. Maybe I should contact them again to report a bug.

I have this problem since month. After the big update with the CAS, it worked again for a few days. But after a few days the same problem was back again. I went to the CAS an try to wear cloth from izzy. My game crash directly. Frown

To roll back my game sounds not for a good option.

Thanks for your help!

Sarah (tkzsw)
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Re: Game keeps crashing

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Butterfly also contacted the german Support. And her game keeps crashing since Christmas. The support wanted to roll back the account till january :/ 

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Re: Game keeps crashing (mostly iOS)

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I have another friend (Mystery) with heavy crashes... reinstalling doesn't work, and the other trouble-shoots don't work, too. It' an iPhone 6 Plus - also with the iOS 12.3.1.
Since the make-over-update it keeps crashing at the CAS. Since 6th June it isn't playable anymore. It crashes everytime at the loading screen.

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Re: Game keeps crashing (mostly iOS)

EA Live QV Team

Thank you all for the reports (especially @EpicRedly, really appreciate you took the time to post the reports from your group). 

I would like to have this thread focused on crashes on iOS 12.3.1 that started recently. For every report please provide this:


Player ID (13 numbers): 

Date and Time of latest crash:

Date and Time of last time you were able to play: 

Date when the crashes first started for you (if you remember this): 


For Butterfly they do need to contact support about this for a roll back to an earlier savegame. As you noted EpicRedly, this issue sounds different than the other reports. 


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Re: Game keeps crashing (mostly iOS)

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@SimGuruMaaike The last player didn't want to give the ID to me. Sorry. Frown

The other players are still able to play, but need to restart the game if the crash comes back. So they still play, but fighting again and again with the crashs.
But I'll ask them for an update and let you know later Standard smile

And I send Butterfly your answer. But I think she will not be amused Frown There are a few Items and event which will deleted, too. She received the special agent supervillian outfits. They will be gone, too - and she's one of the rare player who received these outfits. All other players who bought the pack with the advanced mission still wait for a rerun...
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Re: Game keeps crashing (mostly iOS)

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Player ID: 1002981499680


Device: IPhone 5S


Date and Time of latest crash: July 8/19 @9:48 pm


Date and time of the last time you were able to play: After the Pride Wumples rainbow bathing suit event.


Date when the crashes first started for you: they actually started on and off since winter or so but after the Pride Wumples event this has been the longest that I haven’t been able to play.


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Re: Game keeps crashing (mostly iOS)

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I’ve had no problems with my game until that huge server outage one weekend that affected all of EA games,I don’t remember what event was going on at the time. A little after that I’ve had trouble logging in every time,it would ask me where’s the network and I’m always on WiFi. I’ve tried every possible trouble shooting you can think of. Eventually it got worst,I could barely play the world of luxury event and I couldn’t do the wumples quest at all. My game official won’t load and I know for sure it’s not my internet connection and my device is compatible. EA help even tried to restore a previous save twice and that didn’t help. I also can’t make any in app purchases. 


Crash started happening: After huge server outage one weekend. 

I was last able to play: June 26,2019

My Device: iPhone 7

Software: iOS 12.3.1

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