[Open] Game crashes when clicking on the Izzy creations

by sarahnoreenday

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[Open] Game crashes when clicking on the Izzy creations

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Product: The Sims Mobile
Platform:Android Tablet
List the specific devices you play with (e.g. iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7) Andrioid tablet samsung
OS Version Samsung
Player ID: (Find your Player ID in Sims Mobile: https://help.ea.com/help/the-sims/the-sims-mobile/find-your-player-id-in-the-sims-mobile ) Sassyblndddoll
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? I just touch the tshirt, then try izzy creations in wardrobe and it won allow me to try on anything it crashes
What do you expect to see? I should be able to lookmthrough all my izzy creations and playnaround with outfits untill i find something im happy with.
Connection Type Wifi
Please select your region South America
Country Canada
Additional feedback My game willl turn black constantly, even when i am just opening the app traveling ect, furniture disappears and everything like the floors are unrecognizable. Please any advice ive tried everything Shutting down, clearing cashe, space, deleting apps, turning on n off wifi, updating ect i need proffessional Help

Constly shut down, black screen, have to close and reopen, it doe it again, ive given up on wearing izzy creations i have 500mgems i cant use up. Im so frustrated ive spent well over $200can on this game and i cant watch a ad, travel, change, or just open the app. 

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Re: [Open] Game crashes when clicking on the Izzy creations

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I am also having the exact same problem but this time I’m using an apple ipad. 

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