[Open] Disappearing contacts and relationships of Sims

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Re: [Open] Disappearing contacts and relationships of Sims

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@EA_Kipling Oh, ok. I kinda thought you were a technician from the studio yourself. Darn! 🙂
Thanks for updating them though. That’s great.
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Re: Relationships with other players’ sims disappear from contacts

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Thanks for looking into this. It’s still happening to me. I meet a Sims at parties, start Romancing The Tomes stories with them and they disappear. It’s only Romancing The Tomes, Debasing Debates, and Study Buddies. It’s making it almost impossible to collect prizes for completing those stories, because the Sims dissapear.

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Re: [Open] Disappearing contacts and relationships of Sims

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@PaQuilter1 Very single day , for 2 months now I have this glitch , I’m wasting cupcakes trying to level them up to see if it helps, it doesn’t after daily log in rewards ,

My sims could be standing there with no stars to compete the relationships events they are on and no sim they were doing it with and no record of them in contacts ,

I have continually written to ea help with no results 😭
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Re: Sim disappeared from relationship story!

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I have the same issue!


I was pumpkin spice lovers 5/10 with one of my own elderly Sims. He vanished overnight, as if retired, but I did NOT retire him. I cannot contact him anymore. I really wanted s child with that sim to continue my legacy.

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Re: [Open] Disappearing contacts and relationships of Sims

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Me 2 every single day , since the pizza oven update , every party I go to I loose the contacts next day regardless how high I get the relationship, it’s really messing my game up 

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Re: Relationships with other players’ sims disappear from contacts

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I have the same issue and it happens several times a week. I lose all new contacts and all relationships I had with those contacts. This is obviously a very old and known issue and yet EA do nothing to fix it. I refuse to spend any more money on this game if this does not get fixed because it ruins my enjoyment of the game. Clearly you are driven by greed and have no interest in helping loyal players. I have been playing daily for almost a year and I have had nothing but problems. The list is endless: Parties not working properly, guests not visible, party chat not working, heirloom traits disappearing (had to buy the same heirlooms over and over again), items that I earned disappear from my inventory etc. etc. I could go on for hours. Not once have EA helped me or bothered to fix anything. I have given up trying. But this latest issue is so annoying and frustrating that I refuse to let it go or give up. From the forums it is clear that many players have this issue, and that you have known about it for years (!!!). So please, ffs, HELP!!!


The issue (again): Most Contacts disappear randomly for all of my 4 sims on a weekly basis or more often. Only the NPC ones remain. Whenever I add new contacts, old ones randomly disappear. When I choose a new trait for one sim, most contacts (for all of my sims) disappear. Any relationships and the progress in those relationships disappear completely as well and I cannot restore them. This is unacceptable. I am starting the same relationships over and over again and can’t finish them because I lose the sim contact before I can get to level 10. I lose sims that I really like and had good relationships with. This is a main part of the game and so this problem is having a massive impact on my enjoyment of the game, and ultimately my motivation to continue playing. I certainly refuse to spend money on the game whilst I get no help or support on this issue. This is not a one-way street EA. You help us, we spend money and play your game. You can’t just take take take and give nothing back. HELP NOW!


Thanks for paying attention and for helping (or, more likely, thanks for nothing, as I assume you will ignore this post, and the problem, completely, again).


Ps. Don’t you dare ask for more information, screen shots or player id, again! I (and many others before me) have given you all that and you know it. Don’t deflect, just fix it!




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Re: Disappearing contacts and relationships

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@SimGuruMaaike Are you really looking into this? Gosh, you could have fooled me. I noticed you said this over a year ago and the problem is still very current! See my latest post. Shame on you EA! This is not some minor bug, this is basic game play. Will you ever fix it?
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Re: Disappearing contacts and relationships

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Hi, I’m losing contacts again, and this time I’ve even lost the record that I was at the two parties where I made those contacts, so I won’t be getting rewards for what I accomplished there. One contact from the two parties remains, as it turns out it was the host of one of them and a friend, so I have proof I attended. During this time I also lost a lot of content, including many items costing plenty of llama zoom tokens.😭😭😭 I will contact EA directly about the missing content but if there’s anything that can be done about this contacts bug I’d appreciate it!

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Relationship Stories Disappear

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Product: The Sims Mobile
Platform:Apple iPhone
List the specific devices you play with (e.g. iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7) iPhone 8 Plus
OS Version 14.2
How often does the bug occur? Often (50% - 99%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Play either the Ghostly Figure relationship or the Bitter Valentine relationship
What do you expect to see? For relationship and contacts to stay intact
Connection Type Mobile
Please select your region Asia
Country Singapore

I've been playing the Ghostly Figure (forgot the real name) and Bitter Valentine relationship 2-3 times each, and each time the relationship just disappears out of nowhere, together with the contact that my Sim is having the above relationship with. I have acquired both relationship stories from Eco Workshop so I'm wondering if that might be the issue. Both relationships have gone up to level 10 too and then for the second and third try, it was up to Level 7 for both when it disappeared. Relationships are among different Sims, i.e. my Sim A has the Ghostly Relationship with Friend A's Sim, and my Sim B has Bitter Valentine relationship with Friend B's Sim. In fact my Sim B had a Bitter Valentine relationship with Friend C's Sim, which also disappeared at Level 10.

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Re: Relationship Stories Disappear

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Hi again, just to follow up on this. Upon re-checking, realised that there other relationship stories that have disappeared as well, not just the two that I mentioned.

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