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Re: Contacts/relationships disappeared AGAIN!!!

by dissenterjasmine

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Re: Contacts/relationships disappeared AGAIN!!!

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Seems there's a bug in my game making contacts disappear from contact list. What happens is my sims meet other sims in a party and they get added as contacts.


When my sim exits the party, he/she starts a new relationship story with one of the new sims on the contact list.


Then, you see they are now in a friend/romance/rivalry relationship story BUT when the game is exited & you return later on, you will see those new sims are NO longer in a relationship with my sim NOR on the contact list.


This happened twice! What I did is re-entered the party where the "vanished" contact was attending, re-add the sims, return home, started a new relationship story. But, they vanished again when I closed the game :-(


They just vanish as if you didn't add them as contact or started a relationship with. I'll report if it happens again.





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Re: Contacts/relationships disappeared AGAIN!!!

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So, earlier today my sims attended two parties & met some new sims. Of course, they added them as contacts to be able to build new relationships. Unfortunately, after the game was closed, the contacts & on-going relationship story disappeared. No new contact from those 2 parties were left on the contact list. And, one of my poor sims was ditched during an on-going friendly standard relationship story. He was just talking to nobody Frown


I tries to re-add contacts & start a relationship story but once the game is closed, the contacts & sim story disappears. Didn't matter if the sim had many contacts or just a few (tried with 2 sims - one with many relationships & one with just a few). The same thing happened.


Hope this gets fixed. 


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Re: Contacts/relationships disappeared AGAIN!!!

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Happy to report this bug has been fixed as of now in my game. New relationships are progressing & don't disappear anymore. Not sure if the update a couple of hours ago fixed that. Still, thanks EA for fast fix! 



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Re: Contacts/relationships disappeared AGAIN!!!

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This error is still occuring in my game.  I'm new to the forum... if this post is marked as "Fixed," do I need to start a new one?  

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Re: Contacts/relationships disappeared AGAIN!!!

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I don't know. But it isn't fixed! (Or broken again.)
I lose many of my relationships these days. Frown 

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Re: Contacts/relationships disappeared AGAIN!!!

@wildwildflowers@EpicRedly starting a new report would be best. I'm not sure if only @dissenterjasmine sees it fixed, so linking to this post might be helpful. 


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[Open] Disappearing contacts and relationships of Sims

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Product: The Sims Mobile
Platform:Android Phone
List the specific devices you play with (e.g. iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7) Samsung Galaxy S7
OS Version 8.0.0
Player ID: (Find your Player ID in Sims Mobile: ) 1003526759441
How often does the bug occur? Rarely (0% - 9%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? All 4 sims were in relationships with other players' sims. All were in a relationship event as the new bbq event started. After I clicked on them to complete their events, I noticed that those relationships had disappeared and so had the contacts for those sims. 3 out of 4 sims lost all contacts from other players' sims, so it wasn't limited to those 4 sims.
What do you expect to see? Relationships and contacts not disappearing.
Connection Type Wifi
Please select your region Europe
Additional feedback

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Re: Disappearing contacts and relationships

EA Live QV Team

Thanks for reporting it here and providing that info Standard smile We're looking into it

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Re: Disappearing contacts and relationships

@Nephtis25 did you see any improvements in the last few months with this issue?


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Re: [Open] Disappearing contacts and relationships of Sims

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Product: The Sims Mobile

Platform: Apple iPad and iPhone

List the specific devices you play with: Apple iPad Air 2 and Apple iPhone 5SE

OS Version: 12.3.1

Player ID: 1003291874858

How often does the bug occur? Happened with all 4 characters that I made in 2018 which are around 4-5 generations deep, noticed this over the past week

Steps: Try to create new relationships and start new stories with a bugged character. The new contacts/stories may or may not remain.

What do you expect to see? Not this?

Connection Type: WiFi

Please select your region: North America

Country: USA

Additional feedback: Some things I've observed:

On Character 1, her contacts would go past 32 within a game session and I could "introduce"/"add to contacts", but sometime after restarting the game they will drop back down to 32 and some of those new contacts disappeared. I can't figure out a pattern to which get culled and which remain. ETA: I retired this character afternoon and created a new one in this slot instead of promoting a household member. Her pre-existing contacts were then "roommates" and I've been able to add 13 player Sims as contacts which are categorized as "Favorites". No disappearances as of yet... The number of contacts fluctuates throughout play session. Seems like whenever a townie wanders past my home, the number goes up?

On Character 2, she's at 25 contacts, and she also can't keep the new ones I attempt to acquire.

On Character 3, I was able to add one new story and have progress it to level 8. Her contact numbers seem to go to 20. All other attempts to add new contacts and start new stories have resulted in them disappearing before they got to level 2 or 3. I've lost count of how many, but at least 6 of them. One of them as I wrote this reply-- I started a first date, exited the game, and sometime in the new session I noticed that the person she was having the first date with had disappeared from contacts. The first date completed without an option to select a story. Just... gone.

On Character 4, this slot was also losing new contacts, so I turned this slot into a test subject-- retired the old one and promoted a household member to this slot. This new one was at 36 contacts about 20 of them current/past household/family, then I exited and reopened, and it turned into 35. One of her stories had made it to level 3 or 4 and is now gone and the contact is also gone. 


Many of the contacts are past generations of family/household. I want that good upbringing trait and to create a legacy! Frown  But it's not looking good for me. Too much of a good thing? I've checked in on friends' houses and found their Sims mine lost as contacts are still actively in the game and not retired. I asked one of them who said her Sim still had one of mine as acquaintance after mine lost them as contact.

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