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Re: Cant retire sim with maxed out traits

by Loves_Cold77

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Re: Cant retire sim with maxed out traits

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No I haven't. She's had the trait for maybe 1-2 days?

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Re: Cant retire sim with maxed out traits

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I’m I am having this exact issue. I’m on Apple phone/tablet and she has had her last trait for over a week now. I’ve retired 2 people that were toddlers within this time frame.  Yes I’ve Interacted with her a lot and I play a lot as well. This also just started happening. Oh thought I should tell you is that I adopted her from another sim but I’ve never had this prob before after I adopted a sim. 

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Re: [Open] Can't retire sim

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I'm having the same problem with one of my sims.
The "retire sim" option isn't coming up although she should be ready for retirement. She started at the same time as 3 of my other sims who have all retired about a week ago. Don't know what to do.

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Unable to retire/no option

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I’m on my third generation and all of a sudden I’m not being given the option to retire at all. I’m level 21, my current 2 sims are both level 6 or higher on their jobs, hobbies, and relationships - but I haven’t even gotten the “I’m ready to retire” thing like I got with my previous 2 generations, retirement isn’t even an option. 

What gives?

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Re: Unable to retire/no option

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Hi @madiepaisley

How long have you played your sims? With my new sim it took me a week of gameplay for the retirement option to appear. After you choose your sim’s fourth trait, the retirement option should open after a few days (depends on your activity)..

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Re: [Open] Can't retire sim

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2 of my Sims I've created have retired for 2 months now and haven't left the house yet as the others have in times pass. Can someone offer a suggestion or help. Thanks

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Re: [Open] Can't retire sim

@JustTheSimsMobil@terogamusaudiHaz@Desirai@kbepufunryag@Loves_Cold77@shelleyc118@madiepaisley & @Quettie77 have you had this issue again more recently?


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Re: [Open] Can't retire sim

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No I dont play the game anymore

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