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Re: Obi wan

by EA_accessible

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Obi wan

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Product: Star Wars Battlefront II
Platform:Microsoft XBOX One
I want to talk about something you don't mention above:
How accessible is the current experience? Annoying, but OK
Summarize what in the product is difficult to use. I logged into the battlefront game in order to complete the challenges for obi wan to unlock the new voice line and victory pose, intact I even got a kill as obi wan, so it should show that I contributed. But, I have not unlocked either of these two items.
How is this making it more difficult? Not difficult, just frustrating that I did what I was supposed to and didn’t receive what was due
How can we reproduce this experience? Fix the issue for my account

I made it pretty clear above what’s going on, just please fix the issue by unlocking the items in my account

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Re: Obi wan

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did they fix it for you? i have the same issue, thought maybe i just needed to wait a day, but nope still not pose

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Re: Obi wan

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Re: Obi wan

EA Sports Team

Admin - please move to Battlefront's forum, this isn't feedback relating to a disability.

Karen Stevens
EA SPORTS Accessibility Lead
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