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[OPEN] [XB1] Can’t place windows individually. Only allows auto-placement

by ThatGirlJemmaXo

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Re: Window placement problem

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I know this is very late, but for future players who encounter this issue, the problem is that you cannot just press L1/R1 to switch placement modes with a window type selected, like you can with floors and walls. You have to switch before you even select the window size, as can be seen in the attached images. L1/R1 still works here, so long as you do not have a window selected.

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Re: Window placement problem

@ZachTalonGamesYT I've merged your post with the current thread and bug report on this issue. Please click the "Me Too" button at the bottom of the first post in the thread.

Post #2 has some help for this issue in the meantime.

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Re: [OPEN] [XB1] Can’t place windows individually. Only allows auto-placement

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@ThatGirlJemmaXo May i ask how to undo it since the nifty knitting has been uploaded? It isn’t working and i am very frustrated with my game. As of this, i cannot play the sims until i have fixed this.
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