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[OPEN] Writing on computer not working properly

by LostOne20

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Re: [TO ADD] Sim no longer resumes writing books

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I have this issue now, I had already 2 households where previous Sims die and unable to write at all. Even when I give them the command they just cancel it themselves. I am unable to start writing anything on the PC. The only thing which seems to work from time to time is to break down the old computer and build a new one. This fixes the issue but then it resumes itself after a while no idea why.

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Re: [OPEN] Sim no longer resumes writing books

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I'm still having problems after the other patch too. None of my sims can write books in any of my files. I started a brand new one, and still cant even start a book.


When I click the option, nothing happens. They dont get the action command in their queue, and they continue doing whatever they were previously.


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Re: Write A Genre Book Broken

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Just now saw this. If it helps at all here is a copy of my save files.
If any other information is needed just let me know :D

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This describes my problem exactly. I give the command, and then nothing. I can practice writing so I'm getting the skills up fine, but still can't write any sort of book. Normal, human Sim, no mods, only Seasons installed. She wants to be a writer and I just can't do it for her.


Does Origin even give us the option to rollback updates? I suspect not.

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Re: Write A Genre Book Broken

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@ozjedah I tried this when I first experienced the problem. It worked to write one book, then is not working again. I'm not going to keep selling and buying computers. Can't find anything other info on this topic. So weird.
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Re: Write A Genre Book Broken

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also if you dont finish the book, you cant continue later, even re-buying a computer doesn´t work. So far i just sell-buy computer and write a book in one sit

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Sims 4 - Won't write ANY type of book (2019)

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The option to write genre (and cook)books show up as an option but when I click it nothing happens. You don't hear the normal /tap/ sound that you get when you choose something.
I can write love letters, as well as "practice writing", but not write any types of books.


I have no mods/CC, and the game has been repaired twice with no success. 

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Re: Sims 4 - Won't write ANY type of book (2019)

@CharlieTheSalty This is a known issue.

I merged your post with the bug report on it.

Happy Gaming


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Sim won't write book

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My sim will write one book on its computer, but after that book is completed, I command him to write a second book and the command goes entirely ignored. It doesn't even show up in his queue. The only workaround is if I buy a new computer every time I want him to write a book. Anyone else have this issue?

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Re: Sims 4 - Won't write ANY type of book (2019)

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@crinrict Thank you!
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