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[OPEN] Whims not fulfilling

by ArybellaHope

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Re: [OPEN] Whims not fulfilling

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For me, my Sims had not been traveling (as my SIms mostly stay on their home lot.) 

What I did notice is that some whims have been getting fulfilled. The difference is that I stopped "pinning" the whims. The pinned whims (which are the ones I really wanted them to fulfill) are still not fulfilling, but the unpinned whims *are* getting fulfilled.


Actually, the unpinned whims started completing for me after I decided that for a change I should send them on a jungle adventure. They haven't come home yet to retest the home lot things.

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Re: [OPEN] Whims not fulfilling

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I clicked the Me Too button. I am having the same issues that the other posters have noted but I am playing on a Mac. 


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Re: [OPEN] Whims not fulfilling

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It doesn't matter what whims my sims have, pinned or unpinned, if travel is involved the whims they have will not fulfill. Any new whims in the new location, that they are able to do, will fulfill. ("Get married to *sim*" has never worked the 2 and a half years I've been playing)

I'm quite sure the issue is whims in general in combination with traveling (the New Year resolution issue is probably also connected, I feel)
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Re: [OPEN] Whims not fulfilling

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@Meowzzisan Exact same thing happened to me.
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Re: [OPEN] Whims not fulfilling

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@Kathykins OMG Get married to *sim*" has never worked for me either(((I really hope they fix it some day!
And thank you for your observation about new whims fulfilling at the location, i'm going to try this right now, since the workaround I'm using is very annoying.
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Re: [OPEN] Whims not fulfilling

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@crinrictArybellaHope I've had hit or miss with whims for a while. Some work as intended, some never work (ex. the 'get married' whim). [shrug]
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Re: [OPEN] Whims not fulfilling

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@crinrictArybellaHope This happens regardless of my neighborhood or type of whim and it just began happening today. It's driving me crazy.
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Re: [OPEN] Whims not fulfilling

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@Meowzzisan wrote:

I too have this problem.


I'm playing in the new world Glimmerbrook with a newly created sim. Their pinned whims "Get A Promotion" and "Earn §1000 (0/1000)" aren't being completed despite the fact that they have been promoted, as well as have earned money. The whim(s) that aren't able to be pinned completes though. I also tried completing a whim that is able to be pinned but leaving it unpinned. It did not solve the problem, the whim was left uncompleted despite fulfilling its criteria. (In this case it was the whim "Buy an Instrument")


So the whim that is on the left side seem to be able to complete, whereas the other two do not complete, at least for me.

An update:


After my sim received a curse (Curse of Repulsiveness) the middle and right side whims suddenly were able to be completed. Even after loading up my game today to play some more with the same sim, I am able to complete all three whims.

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Re: [OPEN] Whims not fulfilling

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I stopped pinning the whims and no change. Also since yesterday, I saved a game with 5,250 simoleans and when I reloaded it, I had 255 simoleans. Very unhappy. EA needs to call an exterminator for all these bugs. Also, has this ever happened to anyone when reloading a game: The mailbox is in the middle of my Sims' house on loading. Tried to post a screenshot but it says the file is too big even on the smallest size.

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Re: [OPEN] Whims not fulfilling

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Noticed this same problem today. My sims had "get married" whim pinned and they are still there after wedding. Today there has also been a lot of sims stopping and needing resets.

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