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[OPEN] Whims not fulfilling

by ArybellaHope

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Re: Almost No Whims Working after Update

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Yes, this is happening to me as well. It's infuriating, because TS2 and TS3 didn't have this problem. I don't see what the problem is, or why EA isn't fixing it instead of focusing all their attention on finding new ways to recycle old animations. I feel really hurt here, because I feel like EA has completely abandoned the Whims system, what with their no longer adding new ones with new packs. Whims/Wants/Wishes have always been a huge part of my personal style of gameplay, and it really makes me sad that they are no longer working.


I can use the sims.give_satisfaction_points cheat, but it's not as satisfying. If anything, it makes the game even more depressing.


I have been a loyal fan of all the Sims games, and it really doesn't take much to make me happy. I know that EA probably isn't reading this, but if you are, PLEASE listen to us. This is the first game that has become more buggy over time. Please don't ruin this for your fans! We really love the Sims!


ETA: Just an FYI. I removed the list of whims that were and were not completing, because "Share Brilliant Ideas" just completed this time. It looks like it's random whether or not a whim completes, which I suppose would make this harder to solve. I still feel like EA could afford to focus more on fixing problems. This game is starting to rival TS3 in its bugginess, and that's saying a lot.

ETA: I also started a new game and tested various whims on my Sim. She was able to complete every single one until she traveled to the park and then the gym. Two whims--Become Energized and Do a Backflip--would not complete. I think there's something about traveling that triggers this bug, but unfortunately, it's not a guaranteed thing. This is apparently a difficult bug to reproduce on demand. I did see that others mentioned it might have something to do with leaving the game on too long, but I don't think that's it. I have days where I boot up the game and immediately whims aren't fulfilling (at least after travel).

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Re: Whims not fulfilling when I travel to a community lot

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It’s so sad. This hasn’t been going on very long for me , that i can recall, at least. It seems like it’s harder for me to earn rewards points and thus pick new rewards traits. Smh 😞

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Re: Whims not fulfilling when I travel to a community lot

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It even affects completing resolutions. One of my sim made a resolution to get a new boyfriend. I happened to get one within the last hour and still got a negative moodlet.

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Re: Whims not fulfilling when I travel to a community lot

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@puddnnnYeah there is another bug that is affecting New Year's resolutions. I made that exact same resolution and it would not fulfill for me either. There is a workaround that seems to work but if you already got the negative moodlet it is probably too late for you to try it. Here's a link to the bug report on that one.

For whims I just reset them every time I travel and for the most part they work fine (but not always!) until the next time I travel. I do this every time I travel. It's not a perfect fix but it's better than nothing.

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