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[OPEN] Whims not fulfilling

by ArybellaHope

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Re: [OPEN] Whims not fulfilling

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@justynia_ok1 Yeah, that means: "We know there's a bug, we don't care, just shut your whims off and deal with it. We just want your money, and we don't want to listen to our player base." My advice: If you don't have all the packs already, don't buy more. If there pockets aren't full of money, then they might care to do something about bugs that literally affect gameplay and not release patches that fix which way a door faces to be able to lock it.
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Re: [OPEN] Whims not fulfilling

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Found out yesterday that I'm having the same issue with whims not full filling in places they weren't generated in. I thought they were straight up not working but after my sim went home I was able to complete it. I hope they fix this or patch in a better wants and fears system into the game straight up because doing things my sims want was always one of the things I loved doing since TS2 and it is suppose to give sims extra personality by them actually wanting to do things. This is just frustrating.

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Re: [OPEN] Whims not fulfilling

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@ShockJupiter Exactly! I don't have all packs and won't buy more. This is outrageous!
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Betreff: [OPEN] Whims not fulfilling

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I have problems with whims too. Smaller whims get fulfilled but big ones like *get promoted* with 100 EP don´t. 


Platform: PC 64bit

What is your current game version number?

What expansions, game packs, and stuff packs do you have installed? All but Moschino Stuff pack

Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g. Custom Content or Mods? No

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Betreff: [OPEN] Whims not fulfilling

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Most of my whims are working, but yesterday the water plants whim didn't fulfill even though my sim watered her entire garden. 

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Re: Whims won't complete, don't award points

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Interestingly enough, I just created a new game (thinking it would be less frustrating to play without whims from the get-go than to have to drop existing ones), and in the new game, whims are fulfilling just fine. So maybe it's save-specific, or has to do with something sims in the household have done? I know it's not specific to one sim because I experienced it with multiple in the same household in the other game. 

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Re: Whims won't complete, don't award points

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Aaaaand I spoke too soon -- the problem now exists in the new game, as well. My sim did travel fairly recently, so it could be related to that. But this means it's a sometimes thing, possibly triggered by something my sims do beforehand, not an all-the-time problem that pops up on its own. At least in my case. 

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Re: Whims won't complete, don't award points

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Update: I used the ResetSim cheat (to clear a canceled action that wouldn't disappear from the queue) and now my sim's wishes are fulfilling again. **will stop spamming now, but thought this seemed pertinent** 

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Re: [OPEN] Whims not fulfilling

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I'm having the same issue, plus things in general just aren't tracking/fulfilling properly since the most recent update. The first few whims I try to fulfill will work when I first open the game, but at some point it just stops working and none can be fulfilled after that without restarting the game. Other tasks stop tracking for me at some point during game play too. Like tasks required to complete a freelance gig might track for part of a job, then it just stops and nothing more will show as completed, even when done successfully multiple times. Also happens with interactions at social outings, like the goal of making a purchase at a flee market (not sure what these are called, but it's not technically a whim).

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Re: Whims won't complete, don't award points

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@CrazyWriter94 The ResetSim does not work for me(
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