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Re: Whims not able to be satisfed since most recent patch

by justynia_ok1

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Re: [OPEN] Whims not fulfilling

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Noticed this today, too. The sims are in their home in San Myshuno, they're a couple with a toddler, all created (and born) after RoM came out. She's a spellcaster, he's a human, daughter is weak-bloodlined caster. Save itself is ancient, and I have used mods in all these years, although most of the time just simsinfo and no-mosaic.


Both parents got 'buy a toy' whim, pinned, bought several toys, both from build mode and toy box, doesn't fulfill. Toddler had 'ask mother to show flash cards', did so, nothing. Probably more, but just adding a 'this is a thing that is clearly happening' list.

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Re: Whims not able to be satisfed since most recent patch

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I've been having multiple bugs since the patch. My whims will not complete if I have it pinned and once I get a new whim it will not change to a new one until I click the X. I also can't complete several of my aspiration check lists. Like reading 3 books for Nerd brain. I've read 6 books and only shows one read. Also odd jobs will only allow me to complete them if I do not have to go to a location. Like Sulani Beach to catch frogs, I will catch the frog at the waterfall but it won't show in my check list that I've completed it. Same with Freelancer job. Every time I complete a task it will not register. 

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Re: Whims not able to be satisfed since most recent patch

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For everyone who is having this issue with whims there are two known workarounds for this so far. I use both of them in my game.
1. When you travel to a new location, save your game, exit to Manage Worlds, then go back to play your family, the pinned whims will fulfill in the new location. The downside to this is that you will have to do this every time your sim travels to a new location.
2. When you travel to a new location just delete your old whims and the new whims that spawn in the new location will fulfill. This was suggested by KATHYKINS (thank you so much!!!) I tested this- it does work. The downside is, that you can't pin any whims before you travel.
Combining these two methods allows me to continue playing! I do hope they fix this soon!
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Re: Whims not able to be satisfed since most recent patch

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@justynia_ok1 Thanks! It works for most whims, just a bit tedious! However, those whims to travel to another lot might not work. We still hope EA could fix this glitch ASAP.
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Re: [OPEN] Whims not fulfilling

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I have been playing with base game - no packs, cc or mods - and none of my whims are completing either. I repaired the game through Origin, turned whims off and on again... nothing's worked, and it's really starting to bug me.

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Re: [OPEN] Whims not fulfilling

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I've been having the 'Whims not fulfilling' since sometime yesterday. The problem is sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. I play with a spellcaster and Patchy the Scarecrow (that's been added to my household) and it's also effecting their Aspirations as well.

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Re: [OPEN] Whims not fulfilling

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The romantic whims seem to be the ones that are giving me trouble - no mods or cc, fully patched and ROM installed, new save.  Sometimes, a romantic whim will fulfill; most of the time, it won't, and it might be the same whim that works and then doesn't.

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Ater ROM patch some whims will not fulfill

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Since downloading ROM i can not get some of my caster's whims to fulfill.  some will some won't.  the ones that won't will not clear from the screen.  i have to delete it even after multiple times at fulfilling it.  i have not tried doing this on non-casters.  never had problems with whims before the ROM patch.

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Re: Ater ROM patch some whims will not fulfill

@ozmodian This is a known bug if you go travelling.

I merged your post with the existing bug report on the issue.

Happy 2020


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Re: [OPEN] Whims not fulfilling

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This has also been happening to me since the last update. I do not have MS, MFPS, or ROM. My current Sim lives in SM. It's very random it seems and it seems to happen more with my locked whims. 

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