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[OPEN] [VGSP] Butler changes after going to another lot

by MerrilynC

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Re: Same Butler at every lot

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Howdy! The new butler spawn has been a persistent issue in my game since I bought Vintage Glamour. It's the main reason why I don't play with them in active households. Recently I decided to play with a butler for the first time in a little over and year and the bug is still happening. My household went to a birthday party at another lot and when they returned, a new butler was there. As always, I have to fire butlers or travel until the original butler appears. And when they reappear I'm extremely reluctant to travel which is just not fun. Frown 


My original butler's name is Bennett ... The new butler is some other lady I don't care to know!!


Link to the save:


I do play with mods and they are up to date but I've had this issue sans mods, with only mc command center, and with all the mods I have now.


It's really frustrating not being able to utilize a key feature of a pack! SOS

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Re: [TO TEST] [VGSP] [DO] Butler changes after restaurant visit

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I am having this issue as well. If my sim leaves the lot for University and comes back after class, butler stays the same. If I travel to university and return, the butler has changed. After leaving again and returning (travel) my original butler returns. 

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Re: [TO TEST] [VGSP] [DO] Butler changes after restaurant visit

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Blame it on the in game SERVO’s now. Partly the same functions as Patchy and Butlers. No wonder everything is messed-up.

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Re: Butler changes after restaurant visit

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What is the actual point in this game? It’s worse than the last one. The home page for ea sims 4 says “The Sims 4 is the life simulation game that gives you the power to create and control people” why is it that the game does more controlling than we do. Sick and tired of the Sims now I purchased most packs and even then they all have faults the butlers change when you leave the household the sims appearances  will Change without you doing so. The games laggy. The game will control the sims more than the acctual player which contradicts the whole point of the game. Worse sims to be ever released 

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Re: Butler changes after restaurant visit

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This has been an issue since 2018, is it not being looked into? seems like it should be a simpler fix as roommates, services people, mail carriers don't randomly change when we leave lots.


I'm on PS4 so this issue is across all platforms. 


it makes me curious as there has been plenty of new content over two years, which is nice, but is anyone even looking into the errors here? are these reports being read? it honestly just seems strange that this is a 2 year+ problem, and not something that would and should be quickly corrected and checked off the errors list.

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Re: [OPEN] [VGSP] Butler changes after going to another lot

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Good evening! I am also having this issue and I desperately need help. Frown I hired a butler for the first time and he keeps getting swapped out when I leave the lot/game and come back. He'll still be in my house, but the butler tag is gone, and he just leaves while another one starts running in with the butler tag. I've been trying to use MCCC to turn my butler into a vampire and also edit his traits/looks because I'm picky. Can anyone help me troubleshoot this? I've tried a handful of things on google, including the 'Better Butler Mod' from ...unless I didn't install it right. Any help is appreciated... even pointing me in the right direction to better ask for help.

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